Christmas Project #5

Christmas Project #5 is a bit haphazard. It was more of an act of desperation than a project.

I was buried in indecision over how to display my Christmas Cards. I was paralyzed with options, all of which had their own drawbacks and problems. I didn't know what to do.

And then I just DID something.
Consequences be damned! I'm moving forward!

Sorry. That's probably a little too dramatic.
I just think it's hard to find a suitable place to display Christmas cards, so that you can see and enjoy them for what they are...sweet Christmas wishes from loved ones.

And I want to look at the cute pictures of people's kids and dogs every. single. day.

Here's what I ended up doing:

It was a rash decision after a long period of indecision. It was 11:00 at night, which is really when I thrive, and David said, quote, "We have got to do something with the Christmas cards. Mel, what are we going to do with the Christmas cards?" And that, my friends, was the call to action.

I found a spool of Christmas ribbon.
Flung it around all the upper kitchen cabinets.
Then, I proceeded to tie the word's ugliest knot to secure the ribbon to the cabinet.
I clipped my cards to the front with clothes pins.

If you wanted to conserve your ribbon, you could simply use painters tape to adhere your ribbon to the backs of the cabinets. I didn't have time for something so rational. Knots were the way to go for me.

One good thing about the knot is that it is very secure and it will hold the weight of your cards with ease. The ribbon can also be slid off and saved to use next year. Just a thought.

I'm very interested in knowing where other people display their Christmas cards. Do you have any tricks up your sleve?

If you try this method, please make your knots prettier than mine.

For the love of craft.


  1. Absolutely adorable and perfect for your sweet kitchen!

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  2. You have resorted to cussing now......what next, dancing?

  3. I had the same plan, but was going to do it on 3 closet doors in my hall. clothespins or cute paper clips, so it never happened. Maybe next year. I got the idea from Taylor's room in her sorority house. They were required to have something on their closet doors, so I did ribbon with cute paper clips and pictures.

  4. For YEARS I taped onto the front of my cabinets - I NEVER thought of ribbon! HOW COOL is this>!?!!!? LOVE it!

  5. Thank you!!! I have Christmas ribbon to use up and a new house with lots of cabinets!! Yay!!!

  6. We use fishing line, start from one part of the ceiling to the other. It is clear so we leave it up all year. As we get cards it looks pretty cool

  7. I did something similar last year. At first I tried to tape the ribbon. It was a no go. The cards we're too heavy and the ribbons came down repeatedly. I ended up using tacks and staples on the inside of my cabinets to secure them which only worked slightly better. I got a ton of compliments so I'd like to do it again this year. So even if it uses more ribbon I think I'll try knotting it like you did, great & much easier idea- thanks!

  8. I am going to do this. Might spray paint clothes pins silver

  9. I am going to do this. Might spray paint clothes pins silver

  10. This year I am trying this idea with clips that I have glued wooden snowflakes on and painted/glittered.
    In the past, I have used jute rope and strung it across mirrors, windows, etc. allowing long pieces of the rope to hang down on both sides. As they arrive, attach cards with clothes pins. I would add some raffia bows - tied into a bow with some ribbon and added jingle bells tied at the ends - every so often to add something to the space between the cards.

  11. I have a very long bank of windows running from wall to wall in my kitchen. Each year, I drap my cards over white curling ribbon (which I leave up and use for other hanging items throughout the year.) The first card is clipped on by a glittered clothespin. The remaining cards are then taped to the card above it until it makes a valance of cards. But I'm adding your idea to my few cabinets for the overflow that would normally block the view of my neighbor's gorgeous light display out of the windows.

  12. I'm doing this great idea for my cards this year. I also have white cabinets and the red ribbon looks great. I'm using clothespins that i'm putting different colored glitter onto them to make them look more colorful. Thanks for the great idea. :)

  13. I am doing this tonight! Thanks for the great idea! Also, noticed your post about Jesus Storybook Bible - this is our FAV Bible for our kids and they love it too. We even bought the dvd and curriculum for it. I give them instead of cards at baby showers! I am now following via Pinterest

  14. Love your idea! Just finished putting red & green ribbon around my kitchen cabinets... secured with a hidden safety pin. thank you!

  15. We have used an old shutter painted. You drape the cards in the slats.

  16. found you via Pinterest :) We are in a new house, and haven't bought proper furniture yet, so I'm waiting to put wall-hangings up until we do, which means no mirrors, etc. to hang from. So glad to have found this! I have some old red felt ribbon that I'm using and ... can't find our laundry line or the clothespins that go with it; it's okay, we'll need more anyways, so off to the dollar store I go ;) We will use this every year!!

  17. Just finished hanging all my picture Christmas cards on my kitchen cabinets with large burgundy ribon. It looks so festive! I used double sided sticky tape to tape the cards & Burgundy bows at the top of each ribbon . . . Love it! Thanks for the great idea!

  18. Ingenious. Love it and pinning it.

  19. Like this idea, I always have taped mine on, but after awhile they would fall and I'd fasten them back. I could paint the pins in Christmas colors, red, green, white, silver and gold.

  20. I went a bit further with the hanging of cards. As a grandmother of 6 - 5 girls and 1 boy - and the great-grandmother of a boy, I wanted to do something different. I found pictures of my two kids - 47 and 43 - when they visited Santa at very young ages and taped them to the top of a wide red ribbonThey each had their own ribbon. I then went through many, many pictures of their kids to find one picture of each of them with Santa. Some of the pictures were first time Santa visits. I taped each picture under the parent. Oldest to youngest. I then did that for my great grandson. I taped them up on the staircase for all to see. I then good a large red bow and found a picture of me with my 7 siblings and put that on the bow. It was a lot of work, but WELL worth the reaction. I now know what to do with all my pictures. This project helped me sort my many photos.

  21. I love this idea for all year long - think recipes! think notes to the family - they will always go to the cabinet for snacks! Thanks for the idea.

  22. They also have mini clothes pins in different colors in the office supply section along with the paperclips.

  23. Absolutely perfect!!! I can't wait to do this!! Thanks for a cute idea!

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