Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope that you have had a wonderful long weekend and that you have gotten to relax and enjoy the last moments of summer. I wish we could have all been together at a big barbecue!

We had a great holiday weekend. We spent part of it in one of our favorite places (more on that tomorrow) and then the remainder of the weekend here at home.

David ran in the annual Macon Labor Day Road Race this morning. It is Macon's largest race and a great community event. About 2,000 Maconites race through the city and cross the finish line at Central City Park, downtown. They are rewarded for their efforts with Chic-fil-a Chicken Biscuits...not a bad deal.

The best part of the Labor Day Road Race for me, is that the race course runs right through our neighborhood. So this morning, I got up, grabbed my camp chair, my cup of coffee, and Lady and then walked down to the end of our street to watch the race.

Jack couldn't come because he gets overly excited in social situations.

This is my little spectator station set up at the end of our road.

Looking SO lovely at 7:00 a.m....

I saw a man walking by before the race and I said "Hi, would you mind taking a picture of my spectator station?" He said, "Sure. You mean you and the dog?"

Yes, I guess that is what I mean.

He turned out to be our neighborhood city council representative. I guess taking pictures of weirdos with dogs is one equivalent of "kissing babies." As he left I told him I'd "remember him" at election time. What does that even mean? Where did I get that phrase? Why do they let me out of the house?

And  here comes Dave-O...

"Hi Honey! You're doing great!"

"You're lookin good!"

"Grab me a biscuit!"

David had a great race. His time was 46 min. and 32 sec. which is his very best 10k since college. He came in 11th in his age group and 96th overall. Way to go Dave! Proud of you!

We are spending  most of the rest of our day here, on our front porch, because the weather is amazing.

There's that first touch of fall in the air and it feels wonderful. I think we may even build a fire outside tonight!

Happy Labor Day!


  1. i love your blog. it makes me feel like we're neighbor friends instead of just "get to see you occasionally" friends.... SO glad y'all were here! and that YOU're coming back!!

  2. wow david looks a lot tanner...


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