Thursday, November 20, 2014

Teepee Details!

Y'all. I looooove making these teepees, and I'm so happy that so many of you love them, too. 

Here's some of what makes these teepees so awesome (besides being REALLY cute).  They're constructed from durable canvas, making them very sturdy and safe for toddlers and children. (They do fold up for easy storage, but you have to lift the whole teepee up for it to collapse, meaning that your little one won't be able to easily knock it over on his own.)

Each teepee is about 54 square inches at the bottom and stands 5 feet tall.  There's plenty of room for an adult to crawl in and play with their little one, while not taking up too much space in your house.

My favorite part is the added detailing around the door. It is made from designer cotton fabric that YOU CHOOSE! (Check out all of the fabric options at the bottom of this post!)

We also have coordinating pennant banners ($12.50) and pillows ($45 for pillow, $28 for just the pillow cover) to complete your teepee hideaway.  The pillow covers are easily removable for washing.

Don't you think pennants are perfect way to add a pop of color to a nursery or playroom? We're obsessed. 

Greener Grass Handmade Teepees are available for $165, SHIPPED. 

(If you're local to Fitzgerald, let us know and we'll work out a pick up.)

To place your order, email Jessica, at <greenergrasshandmade AT>. 

She'll send you a Paypal invoice and get your information. Please also let her know which fabric you'd like to use and if you'd like to add a pennant and/or pillows.

Orders take 2-3 weeks to fulfill. Each one is made with love and care when you place your order.


Below are all the fabric options for this season. I've divided the fabric into three coordinating groups for your convenience if you'd like to order pennant and pillows in fabrics that look cute together. You can choose ANY fabric from ANY group for your teepee; there is no cost difference. 

Group 1:

Sweet Dots


Silver Waves

Group 2:

Bright Blocks

Lime Dots

Moroccan Coral

Pretty Pinwheels

Group 3:

Navy Gingham

Circus Dots

Tree Hugger

The hardest part is deciding which cute fabric to choose! If you have any other questions that I left out, feel free to ask away. (Facebook is a quick way to get a hold of us!)

If you are in the Fitzgerald area, be sure to go look at a teepee in person at The Shoppes at Fourth and Cherry. They also have a swatch deck of all the fabric options if you're having trouble picking. You can even place your order there! Friendly folks there would be happy to help you.

Thanks so much for supporting our business and for buying handmade! We love making special things just for you!

Back to the sewing machine…

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Peak Inside Christmas Open House 2014

Last week, some of you may have seen me mention on Facebook about going to the Annual Christmas Open House at The Shoppes at Fourth and Cherry. It was such a fun event and I thought you might like to see some of the pictures! 

The Shoppes on Fourth and Cherry is a store in the our small neighboring town of Ocilla, GA. When you see these pictures, you would never guess that this lovely store (I always describe it as Pottery Barn + Anthropolgie + Southernliving) is in a town that only has one traffic light. It's a beautiful, fresh, on-trend store that has as all the charm of a small town and the style of a big city. 

At this point, you're probably like, uhhhh "Do you work for them?" I do not. I'm just an enthusiastic supporter. The Shoppes, as the locals call it, also holds a bit of a special place in our hearts. The shop owners are friends of our family and became OUR friends starting back when David and I got married. Roxie and her Dad are amazing florists and designers and we were lucky enough to have them do our wedding, way back in 2006. We actually had our wedding reception in the ballroom above The Shoppes. The whole place is a beautiful historic building with charm galore. It was dreamy. 

Now that we've moved back to Fitzgerald, we're happy to call Roxie and her husband Matt our friends and I'm THRILLED to have some of my Greener Grass items (teepees, baby blankets, bow ties, etc) carried in my favorite local store. 

Each year, The Shoppes hosts a phenomenal Christmas Open House. They close down days before the event in preparation and then surprise everyone with their over the top window displays and inspiring Christmas decorations. 

(All photos courtesy of Tara Rigdon via Shoppes at Fourth and Cherry)

Each year, the open house decor is based on a central theme. This year's theme was "The Night Before Christmas" and featured giant vintage storybooks (with real pages!) in each section of the store.

One of the highlights of the event is the amazing food. Heavy hors d'oeuvres served out of the Shoppes Cafe (that's open for lunch each day…yummy food + shopping? Yes, please!) on hobnail crystal party plates feel special and encourage people to linger and visit with their neighbors. 

The hot chocolate bar was my favorite. I felt like a kid piling high my cup with all the fixings! 

Not a creature was stirring, not even…these adorable chocolate mice.

Topping off the delicious spread was the beautiful candy bar. The best part? The homemade Carmel popcorn. Yum. 

There are gorgeous displays around every corner. 

 The stockings were hung on the chimney with care… and St. Nick is making an entrance!

This is the children's section of The Shoppes, where you can find Greener Grass handmade items. How adorable is this bed?

Oh, hello there! I was adding my bow ties to the display and getting ready to help people place their custom teepee orders. Yay!

Isn't it all amazing? Now, I know what you're thinking. "How can I get to this store? I need to go!" That's true. You need to come and see it for yourself. (And you can come visit me! Added bonus!) But I do have some good news until we can pick a date for our sleepover.

The Shoppes is growing and starting an online store called The Southern Mercantile. Thank you, Internet! 

You can read their BLOG. Find them on FACEBOOK. And go SHOP

I highly suggest all doing all three. Right now, Southern Mercantile is having a virtual open house and offering 20% off on seasonal merchandise by using the code CHRISTMASSPIRIT at check out. 

Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Thanksgiving Craft for Little Feet

When it comes to grandparent gifts, handprint and footprint crafts are ALWAYS a home run. Always. It's a fun way to mark down the those tiny features of our babies and keep them forever! I mean, who doesn't adore tiny toes?

In light of that, I wanted to share a little Thanksgiving footprint craft with you and some tips on how to get good prints from your little ones without making a huge mess. 
I made this craft with Ford for his first Thanksgiving. His footprint was tiny and cute. We made them into 5x7 cards and sent them out to family.

This year, Ford's foot barely fit on a half sheet of paper. Ugh. Why is he getting so BIG? 

Ok, here's what you need:
  • card stock paper for the base (cut to envelope size for mailing or use up to a full sheet if you have bigger kids with bigger feet!)
  • colorful paper (construction paper or scrapbook paper) for tail
  • markers
  • brown paint
  • paint brush
  • googly eyes (optional, but we love goggly eyes around here!)
First, make sure that you have everything prepared before you involve your child. Cut your tail feathers out of scrapbook paper. I free handed one and then traced it. If you feel that you need some help, I'm sure you can google "turkey feather shape" or something like that and find a template. (Bless Google.)

Next, glue your turkey feathers to the card stock in an arch. 

I let Fordycakes help with the glueing. He used the glue stick and then I arranged them on the paper. 

Please notice his paintbrush. I told him we were going to paint a turkey and he got so excited and brought me this huge paintbrush, undoubtably from the construction supplies we have stowed around the house. He was basically disappointed in this whole activity because it didn't involve painting with this big brush. 

Now, once you have your feathers stuck down and they've dried a bit, ready your other supplies. Pour out a smidge of brown paint. Get your brush (Ford bit a chunk out of ours) ready. 

I like to have baby wipes ready to clean up hands and feet as soon as we are done! That way we don't run the risk of getting paint everywhere while you try to get to the sink or run to the kitchen to get paper towels. The baby wipes are perfect for a quick clean up. 

Put your child in their highchair or sit them somewhere that they have to stay reasonable still. It's easier to bring the paper to your child than to try to move them with paint on their hands or feet. 

Put your paper on to a clipboard or tape it to a hard book. Then just take the clipboard with the paper and press your chid's foot in the right spot. (This is so much easier than trying to get them to step on the paper! And the clipboard gives a nice flat surface that gives you an even print.) 

Now take your cute baby foot...

and paint it with a paint brush. This will give you a more even coating than dipping their foot in the paint. It's also a little easier, I think. And it tickles, which is fun. 

I couldn't capture the clipboard pressing to the foot action. I only have two hands. Sorry, guys. 

But you can see the result here! If it doesn't turn out absolutely perfect, it's ok. If you're missing some toes, use your fingertips to add them in, if that bothers you. I cheat sometimes. 

Now draw some feet with a yellow marker and add some sort of Thanksgiving sentiment. 

I cut a beak and a little red gobble out of scrapbook paper and glued those on. You can use a marker for the eyes or add googley ones. 

And there you have it! This is a fun quick craft that makes a great gift for Thanksgiving. I hope you'll try it with your little ones. I'd love to see pictures if you do! 

Long live the footprint craft!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What's A Craft Party?

**Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder that we're having a giveaway right now on Facebook! Just go to OUR PAGE to get all the details of how you could win a cute handmade Kimono Cardigan AND a $15 Starbucks gift card! Fun, right?! Go do that now and then come back…We'll wait for you.**

Guys, this past weekend was bu-SY! I drove to Macon to meet Jessica and, in typical Jessica fashion, she had everything lined up for us to get a ton of "business-y" stuff done. It was fantastic. I just hopped in her car and signed my name when she told me to. 

Just kidding. Kind of. 
We also ate at The Bear's Den. Mhmmmmm. 

On Friday night, we hosted the Fall Fashion sewing workshop and it was so much fun. I had two great students (Did you know our sewing classes are small? Two to four people MAX! I like to be able to help each person one-on-one.) We made cardigans, flannel cowl scarves, and learned how to add elbow patches to an existing garment to jazz it up a bit for fall. And, of course, we caught up with old friends and made new connections…my favorite part! 

On Saturday morning, I had the chance to go teach a craft to the ladies at FPC Macon. This was our church when we lived in Macon, and we still very much feel like these are "our people" so it was a breath of fresh air to see familiar faces and hug the necks of people who mean so much to me. 

When individuals or groups sign up to host a craft party, we give them a couple of craft options, they chose what they want to make, and then we take it from there! We provide all of the supplies and then come lead the craft. It's a great time to spend together with friends or to make new friends and you learn a new skill! I've had several people tell me that they've used what they've learned to make gifts or to teach others, which makes me amazingly happy. I love seeing someone who thinks they're not "crafty" successfully complete a project and then be able to do it by themselves later! Yay! Success! 

Teaching is the best! It's by far my favorite thing to do. 

For this event,  we chose to make these adorable little glass plates that can be used as a ring dish for jewelry, you could add a magnet to the bottom and use it to hold pins or paperclips, or you could add a plate hanger to the back and it becomes wall art!

The hardest part is always picking your fabric…so many pretty choices.

Here's a few of the ladies (I didn't do a very good job of getting pictures of everyone's tables) working hard on their projects. Mod Podge requires a great deal of concentration!

A lot of people cut out paper monograms to add to their plates. We are in the South, after all. "If it's not moving, monogram it!"

We had to spend a while waiting for the glue to dry, but that just gave us more time to eat snacks. My friend, Nan, brought an amazing pound cake that she and just pulled out of the oven. I ate 3 pieces. 

Warm pound cake for breakfast? Fuhggeddaboudit. 

Actually, this is Nan! Baker of pound cakes and decoupage-er of plates! Love you, mean it, Nan. 

Here's a few of the finished products, though they were still a bit wet (the glue dries clear, but here it looks a little cloudy.) Don't these look great? 

Thanks, ladies, for letting us come craft with you! It's always a pleasure.

If you're interested in hosting a craft party, you can send us an EMAIL and we can give you more information. If you're interested in coming to an open craft party that we're hosting, make sure you're following us on FACEBOOK to find out about upcoming events.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'll be back soon with an adorable Thanksgiving craft for little ones that's perfect for gifting.