11 Grill Covers and Counting

We had to go buy a new grill cover because our dog, Jack, chewed up our old one.

He has eaten about 10 grill covers in his little doggie lifetime.

Maybe they taste like meat?
Maybe he likes seeing us angry... he thinks it's funny or something?

David bought a new grill cover yesterday at Lowe's.
He laid it on the table on the deck last night.
When we got home from school today, Jack had chewed the new grill cover up.
Still in the package.

He also had the receipt and the Lowe's bag laying neatly beside him, with a few teeth marks in them, as well.
Do you think Lowe's would take that back?

Yeah, me neither.

But even after 11 grill cover chew toys...

I just can't stay mad at this face. 



  1. HAHA AWWW! I have a dog named jack too!!
    I am dreaming of the day when we get a chocolate lab. We have been looking for a good breeder. where did you get jack??

  2. You do not even want to know what Foy Daddy said.

  3. sounds like my dog cj who lives at my mom's house. when he was younger he would eat plants and thier pots, weed killer, hoses, pretty much anything left in the backyard. never a grill cover, though... don't give him any ideas!


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