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David says that it's not fair that I talk about Jack so much on the blog and not Lady.

I told him that I don't talk about her because she will not let me take her picture...Seriously. It's like I'm the paparazzi and she's Lady Gaga.

I have a theory that she is trying to stay off the grid because she is wanted by dog catchers in other states.

Here was our solution.

Do you see how she's trying to get away from David? Do you see how she won't look at the camera? She looks angry.

In the name of keeping things fair between our furry children, I give you...

Things You Should Know About Lady:

We call her Lady or "L", not a lot of nicknames. Lady just suites her.

David got Lady from the pound before we got married.

She often jumps our fence when things get boring here and goes into our neighbor's house through their doggie door. They like it. Sometimes they ask if she can spend the night. 

She is the sweetest dog in the world...but she is also devious, deceptive, and plotting.

She takes mouthfuls of food out of her bowl and hides under a chair to eat. Weird.

Lady can jump really really high on her back feet. She does it all the time. It's how she lets us know she's excited. I think she could have had an excellent career in the circus as one of those dogs that rides on the backs of horses.

She knows if you are sick or feeling down and she will be extra sweet to you. This may just be a ploy to lay on the couch. Hmmm....

Lady lived inside until we got Jack.

Lady hates Jack with a passion.

When Lady slept inside, she would wait until we fell asleep and then go get in the bed in the guest room. I didn't know it until I woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and saw two shiny eyes hiding under a pillow.

Lady likes to play chase, but she will not do any tricks or play with toys. She thinks that it's below her.

I once snuck Lady into a La Quinta in my backpack. We later found out that La Quinta is perfectly pet friendly, so the sneaking was unnecessary.


I really don't mean to give Jack all the blog attention. Lady is just a good, regular, loving dog. She goes about her business everyday, chasing squirrels and wagging her tail, just doing her thing.

Jack just demands a lot of attention. Even as I type this, Jack is howling at a passing firetruck so loudly that people are coming out of their houses to see what's wrong.

"It's nothing...don't worry...just my dog...he's fine....sorry..."

This picture is from about 3 years ago.

I ask you now, who would you give the most attention to? The sweet, normal dog licking David's face?  Or the crazy dog, wallowing in the grass, waving his bandaged paws madly in the air?

I rest my case.

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