A Public Apology

I have a brother. He is two years younger and two feet taller than I am.

His name is Jonathon, but you can call him Big Country, Jon Jon, John Henry, or J-Money. I do.

I love him dearly, but I did him wrong. Really really low down wrong.

I am here today to remedy that.

You see, John Henry has helped with each and every project that I've told you my Daddy built. Daddy does not work alone. John Henry is his right hand man, partner in production, and collaborator.

He helped build the dock that we fish off of.

He helped build these chairs in my back yard and our deck.

He helped build the screens that we have yet to install on my upstairs windows.

He was number one nail gunner on my beautiful mudroom lockers and he even helped me finish painting it when I was looking tired and pitiful toward the end of the process.

He most recently helped me hang a shelf in my guest bedroom closet.

And I gave him ZERO credit.

That's the kind of person I am. I wear ridiculously huge sunglasses and fail to give credit where it is surely due. I have no excuse.

I am sorry, Jon Jon. I truly am.

And I can't end this without a shout out...Ladies, this man is handy, handsome, and single. What more could you want? 

I'm just sayin'.

I told him he was free to build me a coffee table so I could properly highlight his mad skillz on the blog.



  1. Wow, your so lucky to have such talent in your family. Those chairs are awesome! I wish I was as skilled in woodworking as you guys.

  2. Jonathon is so quiet, but he is always there helping - always. He has a beautiful smile and is incredible. I am glad this post is to him. I have the picture of him holding you on my refrigerator. He has been an awesome brother in law to my son. Hats off to you Big Country!


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