Weekend With The Mouse Highlights

Hi friends.

We are both a little under the weather here today, but I wanted to let you in on what we did this weekend. I'm under the influence of some pretty strong cold medicine right now, so I'm not going to attempt to write anything cohesive, but let's try a little highlight list, shall we?

1. We went to Disney World this weekend as chaperons for the varsity cross country team. We left on Thursday and just got home last night. It was a great trip with good kids. I love The Mouse.

2. David "unofficially" ran in a race with the varsity cross country team. He was the only one in the whole race with a wedding ring or facial hair.

3. David's parents live near Orlando, so his mom came to watch him run and then his dad met us for dinner. It was fun to get to see them. Blog meet Sue Anne.

4. Moms do not mind hugging you when you are sweaty from running your heart out racing against16 year old boys.

5. This is one of the many roller coasters that I did not ride. (I don't do scary.) It's Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest. Word on the street is that it's the bomb. Doesn't it look pretty?

6. I sang "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to myself about 40 times while I waited for people to get off of this ride.

7. If you go to Animal Kingdom, please, please, please go see the Finding Nemo Musical stage show. It is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Amazing songs and costumes... so creative and beautiful. I basically cry from the beginning through the end. I get very emotional about stage shows. 

8. I couldn't take enough pictures of these Tibetan Prayer Flags that were all around the "Asia" section of Animal Kingdom. But every time I took the picture, I was like....wait....these aren't real...I'm not in Tibet. I'm at Disney World. They are selling corn dogs right over there. Why am I taking pictures of replica prayer flags near a corn dog stand? But I don't foresee myself going to Tibet any time soon, so I just kept snapping.

9. I got to see a baby monkey.

10. At Magic Kingdom, I watched all the parades and the stage shows and the fireworks. I can't tell you how happy that makes me OR how many times I cried during said parades, stage shows, and fireworks.

11. For some reason, I cry more at Disney than I cry all year long. It's all very emotional. All the songs are about dreams and wishes and tomorrow and hope. I strongly support all those things.

12. For the very first time, I got to see Tinker Bell fly down from Cinderella's Castle during the fireworks show. Somehow, during all my previous Disney trips, I've always missed it. It was amazing. You can guess my reaction.

Love ya. Mean it.


  1. COOL!! and i much say... expedition Everest is 'the bomb'!!!
    Looks like yall had fun :)

  2. one of the most M.A.G.I.C.A.L. moments of my life (which happened last November) was standing in front of the castle and watching Tinker Bell fly down from the castle & over my head. :) I'm glad we agree on this.

  3. One of the bestest pictures I own is a shot of Emily WATCHING Tinker Bell fly down with the fireworks in the air as backdrop. It is truly magical! Disney has a certain something that owns us!
    Oh, I love that sweaty boy!!!


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