A Few Stair Ideas

Next week I'm going to show you more "after" pictures of the house. I really am, I promise. I've even already taken all the pictures of every room with my friend's sweet wide lens.

Thanks, Ash.

There is one place in the house that we have done basically nothing to, and that's our stairs. There are no "after" shots of the stairs. I keep waiting for someone to just come to it for me. I don't wanna.

It's going to be very detailed work and time consuming.

That's not my gig.

Here they are in all of their glory.

I've been thinking about what to do when we do finally make it around to the stair remodel. There are several cool options.

First of all, this is basically how the stairs will look with just a basic clean-up, paint, and stain.

(image from Design Sponge)

Pretty, right? These are obviously not exactly like our stairs, but you get the idea.

But then I saw this great picture of similar stairs with a striped sisal runner. I heart stripes and sisal.

David says that he is not interested in a runner. He doesn't want to have to vacuum it.
The man makes a good point.

Besides, I think it might be a little fussy for our house. Also, keep in mind that our couch faces these stairs. Do I want to look at stripes all the time while I'm trying to get my Law and Order on?

Then I recently saw this picture:

(image from Pottery Barn)

Oh, Lordy.
I love numbered things.
I love things that are just a little quirky.
I love fonts.
Be still my beating heart.

And then I saw this:

(image from here)

Different fonts and a pretty painted runner. Love.
It works well with the wainscotings on the wall, which we also have on our staircase.

This picture from Design Sponge is a little much for me, but I do like the white numbers and, again, the faux runner.

I think, if we do the numbers-on-the-stairs-thing, I'll probably go this route.

(image from Holly Mathis)

These numbers are just vinyl decals that you can order online. Super easy and zero commitment. Perfect. This also still keeps the classic look of the stairs. I love that our stairs have painted fronts and stained tops (I think that there are technical terms for stair-parts, but I don't remember them. Let's just stick with fronts and tops, shall we?) and I don't really want to change that.

So what do you think? Keep the plain Jane stairs? Put in a runner and teach Jack to vacuum? Or apply some cool numbers?



  1. I like number options 2 and 4! Definitely quirky but definitely cute.

  2. Numbers, baby. My favorite was the first number shot. DO IT!

  3. I like number one {just clean everything up and keep it classic} or the vinyl number idea. That way if you get tired of the number trend you can easily go back to plain stairs without re-painting.

  4. Okay, FoyDaddy wants a runner. He will help with the stairs too......(sometimes that means that person will do it?) He seriously will help you and plan a weekend to do it.

    I like the classic. I am a classic so I try to keep it real.

  5. i would keep it classic for now...you really need to live there and finish other interior stuff and then decide. use #'s somewhere else. can't really tell the tread color, BUT black on tread and handrail says it all. esp. in that type house.
    love the house bigtime, we live in farm style too.


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