Christmas Bake-Fest & Light-a-polooza

I hope you'll forgive me for dwelling on Christmas a little longer, even though we're ushering in the New Year tonight. I'm not quite done with Christmas, yet. I'm still turning on my Christmas tree every night and admiring all of the amazing presents that we got from our families. We're still eating Christmas leftovers and I need to watch Home Alone at least one more time before I can move on. I hope you can bare with me.

The Christmas week started out as Bake-fest 2010 this year. I was holed up in my powdered-sugar-covered kitchen, with chocolate up to my elbows, happy as a bird with a french fry.

I made Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods with an array of sprinkles and toppings. The proper way to eat one of these is to enjoy the chocolate covered portion of the pretzel yourself, and then feed the semi-healthy unchocolately stump to your dog.

I will sprinkle anything that doesn't move.

I also made this snack mix, which I call Christmas Crack. It's a highly addictive substance.

These little ladies were probably the biggest hit of all the Christmas Snacks. They're called Oreo Truffles and I got the super easy recipe via Bakerella.

Dear Bakerella,
You live in Atlanta and I'm in Macon. We are so close to each other! Why don't you invite me over and we could bake cookies and then go to Ikea. I'm sure we could be besties.
Love, Mel
My SIL called them Oreo Eyeballs. Truffles...Eyeballs...Whatevs.

Other holiday confections included Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and Angie's Amazing Sugar Cookies. If you're looking for a cakey-soft cookie upon which to spread delicious confectioners sugar icing and sprinkles, this is your recipe. My New Year's resolution is to make these for every celebration and holiday in 2011. If you are smart, you'll make it yours, too.

With all the Christmas goodies baked, we hit the road. We went to Fitzgerald for a few days to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts with my family, and then went to Florida to spend the rest of Christmas with David's family.

I don't have hardly any pictures from being at my house. Sorry. I'm the worst. It just all happened very fast and something about being at home makes me feel very lazy. Maybe it's because someone is cooking and cleaning for me and asking me if I would like more sweet tea or if I need some dessert? Who knows? 

We left my parents' house and set out to to Florida to see David's parents and sisters, and their husbands and their animals. Our adventures in Florida included, but were not limited to, shopping, movies, building fires, riding four-wheelers, playing dominoes, taking 4 dogs to Dog Beach, adopting 1 gi-nor-mo cone head puppy, and Japanese Hibachi.

Near David's parents house is a little town called Mount Dora and it has some SWEET Christmas lights. We are talking Christmas Light-a-poolza. So naturally we all piled in a car, with 3 people sitting in cargo, to go look at them. We listened to Christmas music and Foy Daddy, David's Dad, bought us all a Hot Chocolate.

 It was a good night.

Santa and his reindeer. Can you see it? These lights are amazing!

Gingerbread men.

 This is the local Masonic Temple adorned with Christmas lights. If you have seen National Treasure, you'll understand why I spent 20 minutes trying to see some sort of code in these lights. I know it's there. Somewhere. Those pesky Masons and their secrets.

This is my favorite picture. I love twinkly lights.

If you need to hang on to Christmas a little longer, I hope these pictures help. Now, I have to go drink some Hot Chocolate and watch The Polar Express.

I hope that you all have a lovely New Year's Eve.

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  1. Your posts are [still] my fave. One day I'll stop brown nosing... when you invite me over to bake or do crafty things with you. Crafty like handwoven handicrafts, not crafty like the serpent in Genesis. Anyway, you were in Fitzgerald, I was in Irwinville. We were neighbors for Christmas! Well, almost.


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