Christmas Project #1

Hi friends.

We're in the thick of it. December is in full swing. The Christmas Season is upon us and I'm soaking it up like sponge. I've got Christmas music blaring. My decorations are out (as are the boxes from whence they came, unfortunately). I'm watching Christmas movies in cozy socks and wrapping presents and drinking hot cocoa like it's my job.

I love it.

I have lots of Christmas projects to share with you. Some are decorations, some gifts, some recipes... we'll cover the spectrum of holiday DIY. This first project is one that I saw on a Christmas tour of homes that David and I did two years ago. This year I found a great tutorial to create my very own version, and it became Christmas Project #1.

I started out with these...

And with a little help from my trusty hot glue gun, turned them into this:

Isn't that the happiest little wreath that you've ever seen?! It's hanging in my kitchen window, over my sink. Very festive.
If you'd like to make one yourself, go check out Cheryl's great blog:

She has an excellent tutorial for gumdrop wreaths, along with many other cute projects. I love her photos, too. Have fun looking'll like it. 

I used small gumdrops, whereas I think the tutorial shows large ones. Either one will work. You can use whatever you get at the gettin' place.

The finished project is very heavy, so hang it somewhere sturdy. And do not eat the gumdrops. I repeat DO NOT eat the gumdrops.

Question: Are gumdrops and sugarplums the same thing? I picture gumdrops when someone says sugarplums. I don't won't to live my life misinformed about Christmas sweets. What kind of life is that?

Have a Crafty Christmas (not in a bad way...),

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  1. i just love that!! So festive:)

  2. I wish I knew what a sugarplum was. Let me know if you find out! Love that I can actually picture you in your home now!

  3. Hi! Just visiting from Naps on the Porch and I think you did such a great job! It's the perfect addition to your kitchen. ;-)


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