For Your Consideration: Christmas Edition

These are two articles that I came across the other day that I thought you might find interesting. I did. They are both very different, but each offers a good word on Christmas. Check it out when you have a minute.

(To read, just click on the words in's a link.)

This first one is from R.C. Sproul concerning the infamous Xmas:
Why do people use an X in the word Christmas?

And this one is from my imaginary blog friend Edie, who has a wonderful perspective on the season and on life in general. I love her encouraging spirit and I know that you'll enjoy this post about how we, as Christians, are often confuse Santa and Jesus. That's right. Just read it.
Santa Clause Theology

It's almost here!

(If your following in a reader, you may have seen an accidental post go up. Just ignore it. The publish button is very tricky. Yikes!)


  1. "Or you can be like me and tell the government to back up off your jelly makin' methods!"

    Melissa, what keeps me coming back to your blog is not that someday I hope to do all these handicrafts, but reading lines like that with your voice in my head. Keeps me laughing. I'm inspired to start a blog of my own now. Wish me luck.


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