...And They Call the Thing a Rodeo

"Well, it's bulls and blood
It's dust and mud
It's the roar of a Sunday crowd

It's the white in his knuckles
The gold in the buckle
He'll win the next go 'round

It's boots and chaps
It's cowboy hats
It's spurs and latigo

It's the ropes and the reins
And the joy and the pain

...And they call the thing rodeo."

We went to the Middle Georgia Rodeo with some friends and it was amazing! I wore my cowboy boots, but I don't think anybody was buying my act. These cowboys were legit.

Cowboys were being bucked off broncos and tossed in the air by bulls. There were pretty cowgirls on beautiful horses carrying American flags.

There was also a livestock exhibit, where David and I happened upon a sheep with the most unfortunate haircut that I've ever seen.

It reminds me of when I had bangs and a perm.

We loved the rodeo. I may buy a cowboy hat. The jury's still out.
I'll keep you posted.

P.S. Dear Garth Brooks, I love you. Will you please bring back your NBC concert specials?


  1. My secret obsession is the rodeo only we only get one a year here and it is HARDLY a REAL rodeo. Buy the cowboy hat! I wear mine all the time especially in summer.

  2. I LOVE a rodeo, too! Go to Cody, Wyoming. It's a real rodeo--longest running one in the country I believe. And those animals really are wild. Field trip, anyone????

  3. I also miss Garth Brooks. He and his concert allowed me to get this awesome black shirt with blue flames! It was a Brooks and Dunn shirt! Really wishing that I still had it. Would have worn it to the rodeo. Thanks for checking out the livestock with me. They were the best part.

  4. I love Garth Brooks, as well. I've never been to the Middle Georgia Rodeo, even tho I am a Georgia Girl, born and raised. We have one that comes near our home every year, but I've never been. Maybe I need to check it out! :)


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