Oscar Night Party

The 83rd Academy Awards are just two short days away...do you care about that? I do. I like award shows. It reminds me of high school honors night...another time when I got to stay comfortably seated and watch other people receive awards.

Jack of all trades, master of none. That's me.

Anyway, I have great hopes that some of you will be having an Academy Awards party to watch the event with friends. I would TOTALLY be having one, except for one small problem-o. We don't have cable television.

Maybe I could get my hands on some bunny ears before Sunday?

YOU, however, should have a party [and invite me *wink*] I would be a good guest, because I would bring you these awesome 2011 Oscar Night Bingo Cards created by How About Orange. There are 12 different cards with fun Oscar themed happenings like "presenter flubs line" or "Gweneth Paltrow sings."  Anytime one of the things on your card happens, you get to mark your card. The first person to get BINGO wins a prize.

Aren't you glad I'm here to explain BINGO to you? Sheesh.

(Image: How About Orange)

I would like to play this...I really would.

Another awesome Oscar Night find are these Awards Night Sugar Cookies made by Bakerella. If you are ambitious, she provides a tutorial on how to make them and they would be the hit of your party!

Movie Award Cookies
(Image: Bakerella)

If you are only mildly ambitious, Bakerella also has a tutorial to make these super-cute Movie Popcorn Brownies that are much more simple, but still very festive.

Movie Popcorn Brownies
(Image: Bakerella)

If you are like me, you can just make some regular brownies and have popcorn. We would play BINGO like crazy people, though...like our lives depended on it! 
Are you having a party or even watching the Oscars? Do you want me to come? We could cross our fingers for The King's Speech together. I could bring Paper Dave and we could make him pose on the Red Carpet. I could also bring Real Dave, but I can't make any promises about his party tricks.

Think it over.


  1. Girl I would love to party with you! I love the Oscars! I wanted to have one but my friends weren't so excited. I have cable come on over!

  2. You can come to our house and watch it with us! I LOVE the Oscars. My friends and I used to have a HUGE bash when I lived in Atlanta... good times :-)

  3. Cooper, Ed and myself are totally party animals so come on down. I will buy you your own case of Coke and have it cold.

  4. I am strongly considering printing out the Oscar Night Bingo cards. Maybe I can round up some people who would like to play too!

  5. If I get a vote on refreshments, I am putting in my vote for those Oscar-trophy shaped sugar cookies! ButI'd settle for just sugar cookies. Great post!

  6. LOVE the BROWNIES!! Keeping that one in the memory bank!


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