Around Here

There's not too much going on around here this week. I'll hit all the high points for you:

1. My baby plants are growing. They are the brightest prettiest green that I've ever seen. I love spring green. I don't know if it's brighter than summer green or if it's just so wonderful because I've missed it so terribly during the winter.

These cucumber plants are nearly ready to be transplanted outside.
They grow up so fast...

2 In addition to Lady tunneling to China this week, Jack decided to chew up my laundry room rug this week. Such is life.

3. I've told you how much I loved The King's Speech. It is a tremendous movie. Has anyone read the book? I'm interested to know what it's like. If you've seen the movie, you know that the movie culminates with one final speech from the king. Here's the actual speech given by King George VI. Listen to it and be even further in awe of Colin Firth's mad skills.

4. The next movie that I really want to see is Get Low. I think it's going to be great... all star cast...clever storyline. I am p-to the-umped! Don't tell me if you saw it and it wasn't so great. I'm not ready to be disillusioned.

5. The other day we went to the local "Friends of the Library Book Sale" here in Macon. If you are local, you really should make plans to attend this annual event. Holy cheap books, Batman. It's amazing. David found me a copy of Cold Sassy Tree for 50 cents and I couldn't be more excited to get my read on.

6. I've been listening to a lot of female singers lately. That's not my norm. I'm nearly ready to jump on THIS bandwagon. Are you already on?

7. I'm still not over this sheep picture. What in the name of Edward Scissor Hands was this little 4H-er thinking?

8. I have a sweet friend who has volunteered to help me organize all the information about my sewing classes this week. I'm so excited and thankful. That task has been too overwhelming for me to tackle alone.

I struggle with details...
and lists...
and structure...

The idea of creating a business plan makes me want to get back in bed and never come out.
I am grateful for friends and family that encourage and come along side me to help me reach goals.

It takes a village to raise a Mel.
Maybe two villages. Or a metropolis.

Be on the look out for sewing class details thanks to me.


  1. Girl, already on the Adele should totally join, because she is amazing!!! I love her new song, "Rolling in the Deep" & her old stuff is awesome too. Jump on!

  2. Great post, Melissa! ~ Sounds like you have a goat at your house, like I do! ~ I haven't seen the King's Speech yet, but I want to! I haven't heard about the other movie - Get Low. Sounds like a good one, tho! ~ I love a book sale!! Great photos of the books, by the way! I didn't realize that you lived in Macon! I live near Columbus! We are neighbors! :)

  3. Yes, Adele is a great wagon too jump on!


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