Shed a Little Light on the Situation

I've been in the market for some new table lamps.

I liked this little lamp just fine, but he needed replacing. It's actually one of two that David had before we got married. They were part of his dowry. The other one is in the kitchen. Unfortunately, Big A dwarfed the lamp so much that he lost all sense of self-respect. He just couldn't hold his own next to such a character. 

"I don't get no respect." (Pulls collar)

So the other day when I had some extra dollhairs in my pocket, I decided to find something a little more appropriate. Dave-O went with me to Target and supported me as I agonized between short and tall lamp bases...square and drum shaped shades...white paper or fabric covered shades. The poor guy spent an hour holding up different lamps so I could look at them.  Bless his heart.

I'm sure he wished that he could have sent Paper Dave in his stead.

In the end, I pulled the trigger on this tall handsome fella.

Oh-so-much better. The shade is covered in burlap with jute trim, which adds a little texture to the otherwise very simple buffet lamp.

The lamp and shade came from Target, if ya wanted to know, and I'm really happy with them both. I think this small change made a big difference in this little nook of the dining room.

I love lamps. We RARELY use overhead lighting at Casa Dark.
Where's your favorite place to pick up a new lamp?



  1. Good choice. I pick up lamps where ever I find a good bargin. I love Target for lamps, very pottery barnish. But I love, love, love Home Goods lamps. They are very reasonable too.


  2. Sadly I don't have a Target but I love the lamps at TJ Maxx.

  3. I have that dowry lamp on my sewing table, and recently thought I need to revamp it. I love the one you got! Doesn't the lamp area always seem a bit overwhelming?


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