Emily's Nursery

David and I have some sweet friends named Emily and Conrad. They live far away, but we get to see them pretty often. Back in January, I was hanging out with Emily and she told me a secret.

Wanna know what it was?
She is gonna have a little tiny baby.
For realzies.

It's not a secret any more, though. Little Baby is making herself known to the world.
Friends, meet Emily and Betsy.


I can't even handle all the cuteness.

Notice that big buggy beside Betsy (random: Do you call that a buggy or a shopping cart? Is "buggy" a weird thing to say? I need answers.) is full of Ikea goodness. Emily and I recently made a pilgrimage to Ikea so that I could be her nursery shopping wing man...to offer comfort and assurance...to keep her focused...to push the buggy...to buy cinnamon rolls and combat low blood sugar funks.

There may have been two overflowing buggies involved as we neared the checkout lines. They may have both been full of nursery gear. I only bought a clock. Lame.

Emily took care of business like a champ. I think I would have cracked under the shopping pressure and gone home with nothing, as is my tendency.

Emily made some great purchases and her nursery was already shaping up nicely, pending approximately 40 man hours of tiny-Ikea-wrench-labor from Conrad, who is responsible for putting all of the furniture together. (Just be glad that's the only labor you'll have to go through, Conrad.)

When we had done all the damage we could do at Ikea, Emily and I headed over to a very lovely fabric store in Mid-Town Atlanta, called Whipstitch.


We proceeded to spend the next hour pulling our hair out over fabric combinations. Why, you ask?
Because I'm making the all of Baby Betsy's nursery bedding!! Holy Moley!
I'm so excited. I've been commissioned. I have a new found sense of purpose. Betsy needs a blankie and I'm gonna stitch one up, by golly.

Anyway. We spent a LONG time looking at the large and overwhelming fabric selection at Whipstitch. It was a tough choice, but in the end Emily decided that this combination of lovely Anna Griffin fabrics was what really screamed "Betsy" to her.


I couldn't agree more.

I can't wait to show you more of Betsy's nursery as it comes together. It's going to be cute.as.pie.

Thanks, Emily and Conrad, for letting me make something so sweet.
T'will be stitched with love, I assure you.


  1. That is SO fun that you are making your friends baby bedding. LOVE the fabrics you choose. So cute and cheery!

  2. Beautiful fabrics! And what a fantastic gift! Can't wait to see the blanket you make!

  3. Melissa! What a lovely blog you have! I live in A-town and lu-huv whipstich fabrics. I just need more time to actually make something out of their cute fabrics. I'm glad you're doing so well. I love what I've read so far!

    (this is Ellen from back in the Desoto days)

  4. ah! it's ME :) I won't lie, I've been wondering if Betsy-boo's nursery might make the blog someday...love the fabric all over again. better get Conrad on that "labor" of his...it's about time! We're so excited for a friend like you to craft baby's nursery bedding with love :) yay!!

  5. i love those fabrics! can't wait to see your handy work!!


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