Senorita Gafas

I can't see to drive at night.
Like a 90 year old woman.
David wouldn't let me have my keys past sunset.

It was becoming problematic.

I had never been to the optometrist until last week. I have pretty good vision (in broad daylight). When he said that he was going to dilate my eyes, I panicked and asked if he was going to stick needles in my eyes.

Doctors make me nervous. I'm paranoid that there's a needle around every corner.

Anyway, David held my hand, I garnered my courage, and the doctor dilated my eyes (which is SO WEIRD and doesn't involve any needles, in case you're wondering). Through a series of "Which is better? 1 or 2? 3 or 4?" evaluations, the good doctor determined that I needed the teeniest, tiniest prescription for driving.


So now I have driving glasses.
I call them my nighthawks.
I think they increase my street cred.



  1. Hi! I don't know you. I found you from the Nester and your pickle-colored kitchen won me over to add you to my very small subscription of blogs (too much to read, not enough time...). Funny, I had exactly the same experience this summer. We've known forever that I have depth perception issues at night, but a very scary 10 minutes of me driving from Dallas to Austin this spring reminded my hubby that it is a real problem and he promptly sent me to the eye doctor. So I too am now the proud owner of glasses for driving at night. I was hoping I would turn into one of the kick butt high-speed chase stunt drivers with said glasses, but alas, even the best of spectacles probably can't make that dream come true. :)

  2. hahaha omg Mel- Driving specs? Love it!


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