Craft Night at the Carnegie

Y'all, two weeks ago David went to New York City.
Without me.
Not cool. I heart NY. 

He didn't even have the courtesy to take Ford with him. Ford, who would fly for free. He's a lap baby. Or he could have easily been smuggled into an overhead compartment. I'm sure that the 25 high school seniors that he was chaperoning would have LOVED having a toddler along on the trip. 

Anyway, while Mr. Dark was off seeing the Statue of Liberty, rubbing elbows with Al Roker, eating at fancy restaurants, and going to Broadway plays I had to stay home and take care of Ford all by myself all week. 

Just kidding. I went to my parents' house so my Mama would cook for me and everyone would take turns entertaining Ford. I'm no dummy. 

While I was enjoying a life of luxury at Otter Creek Farms, I also scheduled several sewing classes with some fun ladies and got to collaborate with the Fitzgerald Arts Council to host a Craft Night at the Carnegie Center. The space houses a beautiful collection of African art and is used by the council to host art events.

I shared some of the pictures from my sewing classes on Facebook (follow me HERE) but here are the rest of the pictures of craft night. Unfortunately, I have a very one track mind, so once I started actually teaching the class, I didn't take any more photos. So it may appear from these photos that I hosted a party for my invisible friends, but I promise you that people DID come and we DID make bunny buntings!

So here we are...Welcome to Craft Night! I borrowed Ford's easel to use as our sign.

My mama did all of the floral arrangements from things in her yard. They were beautiful. I usually just buy some daisies and stick them in a jar, so I hope people don't get used to this!

We had chocolate to snack on and water in mason jars with paper straws for sipping. Just the essentials...

Each person's supplies were at their spot on the table.

The paper bags held all of the small supplies, like twine, pins, and pom poms. Each person received the patterns and instructions for making the project, just in case anyone wants to do some post-party crafting.

Now I want you to imagine pictures of people laughing and eating chocolate, ladies cutting out little felt bunnies, laughing at each other tying not to burn our finger tips off with a hot glue gun, etc. You get the idea.

We really did have a great time. Everyone's projects turned out lovely and I have enjoyed seeing people post pictures of the bunting in their homes. I love a good craft night! Thanks so much to the Fitzgerald Arts Council and to everyone who came out to craft!

If you'd like to host a craft night with your friends, let me know! Maybe we can get Mama to do your florals, too. Otherwise, please prepare yourself for daisies in jars.


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