Bedrooms and Hallway Renovation Reveal

Friends, I have good news and bad news. 

Firstly, everyone at my house is sick. We all have sore throats and are tired and grouchy. Bleh. Bad news. 

I did, however, manage to get my act together enough to at least sort of put things away in the bedrooms so that I could take some pictures for you. Good news!

Sadly, because of the dreary weather and my slightly diminished (due to maladies and medication) capacities, those pictures turned out poorly. Bad news. 

However, I'm too lazy to do it again so I'm going to show them to you anyway! Good news! Huzzah!

Alrighty. Here's a quick glance at what the master bedroom looked like before. (For the full "Before" tour of the house CLICK HERE.)

And now here we are. I need you to push past the crazy lighting in the pictures. Can you do that for me? Thank you.  I've pointed it out for you to help you see that it is making the room look very very green, which it is not. 

The ceiling is bright glossy white and the walls are Sherwin Williams "Oyster Bay" that I had them mix at 50% to lighten it up just a bit. 

In the bedrooms we used two more of the same white ceiling fans (that is what is casting the strange glow in all of these pics) and the same flooring that is throughout the house. 

The biggest change in our bedroom is that behind the bookshelf that needs to be organized, there use to be a small closet. To make the hallway a bit larger and to get rid of yet ANOTHER door in this room (there were 5), I decided to have the guys rip out that small closet and close up the wall.  You can't see it here, but there is a fairly large walk-in closet that is right behind where I was standing to take this picture. It gives us plenty of room for all of our stuff and I'm really happy with how removing the closet  opened up the hallway. No regrets from what felt like a bit of a risky move. 

That's all the crazy light pictures I can bear to show you. 

Let's move on to the hallway. Here's a before pic. Small and dark.

And here's the same view now. Yay! When we ripped out the closet that stuck out into the hallway (the one that had a door in our bedroom) it made room for a little landing area. The hall was tiny and narrow-- probably only 2 feet wide, but now it feels much more open, serves a second purpose (which is VERY important in a small house), and this allows me to use my lockers, another piece of furniture that my dad and brother built that I love. 

The other thing I love in the hallway now is this little school house pennant. It adds a some charm to the small space. The paint color is the same as the living/dining room, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. 

Ford's room is across the hallway from the master….not too far for his little feet to pitter pat to get to Mama and Daddy at night. Which they do. A lot.

Here's a quick reminder of what we were dealing with. 

And here it is now. Pay no attention to that blue painter's tape in the window. It's on my "to do" list.  Also please don't feel too bad for little Fordycakes that he doesn't have an actual bed frame. He's new to the world of big boy beds and so keeping his mattress on the floor makes it more accessible and safer for his tiny two year old body. 

The paint color in his room is called "Elephant Tail" from Benjamin Moore. Is that cute or what? It's the same color we used for his nursery at the old house.

Remember I told you about the awkward exterior doors in both bedrooms? Yeah, here's the one in Ford's room. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them until we have the time and money to take them out. I'll keep you posted.

Construction zone sheets and Bla Bla friends have been the keys to big boy bed success.

Ford loves his room, which makes me so happy. He's spending more and more time playing in there each day. I like for everybody to feel good about their space, ya know.

We still have some projects to work on in these rooms. Here's the short list of what still needs to be done:

- Replace cracked window pane (or at least use clear tape instead of blue to fix it)
- Figure out a plan for the doors in the bedrooms (temporary and permanent solutions)
- Curtains
- Hang Artwork
- Better organize and arrange furniture (especially the bookshelf of chaos)
- Buy/build Ford a real bed

Ok, I'm going to go take some more medicine and go to sleep, but thanks for checking out the pictures and thank you so much for your kind words about all of our work so far. I haven't been able to get back to each person yet, but know that your encouragement has been felt and appreciated. 

And now, Nyquil. 


  1. So sorry you're all under the weather! Hopefully it will pass quickly.

    The house looks amazing, seriously! What an inspiration!

  2. So cute Mel! Gonna have to stop by when we are in Ftown. Love you!

  3. it looks great!! y'all are impressive :) i love the hallway!!

  4. I've now officially had the full tour. Way to go, laying that kitchen tile yoself!! Everything looks so good. I'm so happy for y'all. And for what it's worth, my two oldest girls sleep on their mattresses and box springs sans a bed...we have drawn up plans to build beds for them, but, oh! Time!!! I wish we had more of it!!


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