Teepee Details!

Y'all. I looooove making these teepees, and I'm so happy that so many of you love them, too. 

Here's some of what makes these teepees so awesome (besides being REALLY cute).  They're constructed from durable canvas, making them very sturdy and safe for toddlers and children. (They do fold up for easy storage, but you have to lift the whole teepee up for it to collapse, meaning that your little one won't be able to easily knock it over on his own.)

Each teepee is about 54 square inches at the bottom and stands 5 feet tall.  There's plenty of room for an adult to crawl in and play with their little one, while not taking up too much space in your house.

My favorite part is the added detailing around the door. It is made from designer cotton fabric that YOU CHOOSE! (Check out all of the fabric options at the bottom of this post!)

We also have coordinating pennant banners ($12.50) and pillows ($45 for pillow, $28 for just the pillow cover) to complete your teepee hideaway.  The pillow covers are easily removable for washing.

Don't you think pennants are perfect way to add a pop of color to a nursery or playroom? We're obsessed. 

Greener Grass Handmade Teepees are available for $165, SHIPPED. 

(If you're local to Fitzgerald, let us know and we'll work out a pick up.)

To place your order, email Jessica, at <greenergrasshandmade AT gmail.com>. 

She'll send you a Paypal invoice and get your information. Please also let her know which fabric you'd like to use and if you'd like to add a pennant and/or pillows.

Orders take 2-3 weeks to fulfill. Each one is made with love and care when you place your order.


Below are all the fabric options for this season. I've divided the fabric into three coordinating groups for your convenience if you'd like to order pennant and pillows in fabrics that look cute together. You can choose ANY fabric from ANY group for your teepee; there is no cost difference. 

Group 1:

Sweet Dots


Silver Waves

Group 2:

Bright Blocks

Lime Dots

Moroccan Coral

Pretty Pinwheels

Group 3:

Navy Gingham

Circus Dots

Tree Hugger

The hardest part is deciding which cute fabric to choose! If you have any other questions that I left out, feel free to ask away. (Facebook is a quick way to get a hold of us!)

If you are in the Fitzgerald area, be sure to go look at a teepee in person at The Shoppes at Fourth and Cherry. They also have a swatch deck of all the fabric options if you're having trouble picking. You can even place your order there! Friendly folks there would be happy to help you.

Thanks so much for supporting our business and for buying handmade! We love making special things just for you!

Back to the sewing machine…


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  2. Love this idea. I bet children will want to sleep inside the "tent". Great idea :) and very easy to do!

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