What's A Craft Party?

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Guys, this past weekend was bu-SY! I drove to Macon to meet Jessica and, in typical Jessica fashion, she had everything lined up for us to get a ton of "business-y" stuff done. It was fantastic. I just hopped in her car and signed my name when she told me to. 

Just kidding. Kind of. 
We also ate at The Bear's Den. Mhmmmmm. 

On Friday night, we hosted the Fall Fashion sewing workshop and it was so much fun. I had two great students (Did you know our sewing classes are small? Two to four people MAX! I like to be able to help each person one-on-one.) We made cardigans, flannel cowl scarves, and learned how to add elbow patches to an existing garment to jazz it up a bit for fall. And, of course, we caught up with old friends and made new connections…my favorite part! 

On Saturday morning, I had the chance to go teach a craft to the ladies at FPC Macon. This was our church when we lived in Macon, and we still very much feel like these are "our people" so it was a breath of fresh air to see familiar faces and hug the necks of people who mean so much to me. 

When individuals or groups sign up to host a craft party, we give them a couple of craft options, they chose what they want to make, and then we take it from there! We provide all of the supplies and then come lead the craft. It's a great time to spend together with friends or to make new friends and you learn a new skill! I've had several people tell me that they've used what they've learned to make gifts or to teach others, which makes me amazingly happy. I love seeing someone who thinks they're not "crafty" successfully complete a project and then be able to do it by themselves later! Yay! Success! 

Teaching is the best! It's by far my favorite thing to do. 

For this event,  we chose to make these adorable little glass plates that can be used as a ring dish for jewelry, you could add a magnet to the bottom and use it to hold pins or paperclips, or you could add a plate hanger to the back and it becomes wall art!

The hardest part is always picking your fabric…so many pretty choices.

Here's a few of the ladies (I didn't do a very good job of getting pictures of everyone's tables) working hard on their projects. Mod Podge requires a great deal of concentration!

A lot of people cut out paper monograms to add to their plates. We are in the South, after all. "If it's not moving, monogram it!"

We had to spend a while waiting for the glue to dry, but that just gave us more time to eat snacks. My friend, Nan, brought an amazing pound cake that she and just pulled out of the oven. I ate 3 pieces. 

Warm pound cake for breakfast? Fuhggeddaboudit. 

Actually, this is Nan! Baker of pound cakes and decoupage-er of plates! Love you, mean it, Nan. 

Here's a few of the finished products, though they were still a bit wet (the glue dries clear, but here it looks a little cloudy.) Don't these look great? 

Thanks, ladies, for letting us come craft with you! It's always a pleasure.

If you're interested in hosting a craft party, you can send us an EMAIL and we can give you more information. If you're interested in coming to an open craft party that we're hosting, make sure you're following us on FACEBOOK to find out about upcoming events.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'll be back soon with an adorable Thanksgiving craft for little ones that's perfect for gifting.


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