Fancy and Official- The New Greener Grass Handmade

Um. Y'all. 
I can't even.

I am so very excited to share the brand new Greener Grass Handmade website with you! Look around! Stay awhile! It's Ahhhhh-mazing. 

Greener Grass has changed and grown a lot over the last year and we wanted our site to be a better reflection of me and of this little handmade business that we love so much. We also wanted to make it more user friendly and informative for YOU! 

Here are a few new things we're excited about:

We have a new web address and landing page! I feel so fancy and official now because you can find us at When you go to that address you'll find a link to the blog, a link to information and scheduling details about our upcoming sewing workshops, and a link to the shop. 

Which brings me to the next exciting change: A new Greener Grass Handmade shop is coming soon! We've loved selling a few things here and there on Facebook and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to sew handmade goods that end up in your home. In fact, I love it so much that we're opening a shop to make it easier for you to see all of our products at a glance and find something sweet for your little one. *Yay!* More info coming soon...

Lastly, we're starting a newsletter. If you're interested in upcoming classes, parties, workshops, sales, etc.  then sign up for our brand new Newsletter to have updates and information sent right to your inbox. We've been doing most of our updates via Facebook up until now, but because of some changes to their policies we think a lot of you are not seeing our information. (Boo.) Though we'll still have our Facebook page, signing up for the newsletter is the best way to stay in the loop! (By the way, this will only come about once a month…I pinky promise not to clutter up your inbox!) 

Our logo and website (and lots of fun branding and packaging products that you'll get to see soon!) was designed by the wonderful Heather of Life Made Lovely! She's probably my dream graphic designer and I was so pumped when we were able to get on her calendar. Not only is she amazingly talented and made everything look even better than I had imagined, she's also so sweet and patient! Bless her. 

Can I tell you that I am not a good decision maker? And can I also tell you that I am not a good communicator? But I need to also confess that I have really strong FEEEEELINGS about the way things look. 

Let's just say that I am pretty confident I am designer's nightmare. 

Heather was so wonderful, though. She was kind and always wanted to get everything just right. Just the way I wanted it. 

Heather, you are the best! Thank you for our beautiful design! 

And thank you guys for reading and for encouraging us along the way! 


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