Fitzgerald Farm House Phase II

I went to Fitzgerald yesterday to see these people. Well, these people and Nana.

These are my parentals, Mark and Pam. Mama and Daddy. Pay and Reggie. Call 'em what you want.

They are building a house at our family farm and we are all very excited about it. I drove down yesterday to visit and to take a look at all the progress that I had heard about on the house. It was sort of a yucky rainy day, but it cleared up enough for me to get the grand tour and take a few pictures.

Before you see the new pictures, let's remember what the house looked like last time.

So, a little less than a month ago, the Farm House looked like this:

Hang on to your drawers folks,
because now it looks like THIS:

Pretty good, huh? We are all really impressed with how fast the house is going up.

Here's the front view from the road that you drive in on.

And here's the side.

It's fun to walk around the house and see how all the rooms are laid out now. We've been looking at the building plans and the little drawn picture of what the house is suppose to look like for so long that it is hard to believe that it's actually going to be a real live house. 

But here she sits.

The house is perfect for my family because it has lots and lots of porches. One third of the house is porch. We all love to sit outside and the farm is a good place for sitting.

From various porches on the house, you will be able to see this...

Bovine of the field...

Fishes of the sea...err...pond...

The road less traveled...

...Fruit of the Vine.
These are actually gourds. Are gourds fruits or vegetables? I don't think you eat gourds...but maybe they are squash?

A great place to sit on the porch, right? Markus and Pamela think so, and I think so, too.

Until those porches are finished, though, Daddy will sit here, on his backhoe.

The back hoe is also a good place for sitting. It's one of many backhoe benefits.


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  1. I want to sit on that porch one day with all of you! That picture of Mr. Mark on that backhoe is a treasure forever. Trust me.


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