"A" Love Letter

The other day when I went to Fitzgerald, my Mama and I went to a local store that I just love love love. It's called the Iron Garden (I would link you to a website, but there is not one. That's not how folks roll in Fitzgerald.) Anyway, we went to the store and they were having a big sale. My mom bought me some cute iron pumpkins. I have them on my mantle right now.

I bought myself an awesome iron plant stand to go beside my front door. The front door has been begging for a plant stand for quite some time, but I haven't been able to find a good deal on something I love until this week. Don't you love it when the stars of price, love, and perfection all align. It is a rare but wonderful thing. Around these parts, we TRY to wait patiently for it to happen. The front door is very grateful that the stars aligned and it finally has a planter.

Then, because I had the great new planter, I couldn't stop myself from buying a big orange and yellow fall mum. I know that it's a little early for mums and that it may not make it to the end of October, but I couldn't stop myself. I did try to buy one that was not all the way open, per a suggestion from Nana, so that we can enjoy it longer.

Then when I was so happy about my beautiful fall mums and my plant stand, my husband comes home with a big bouquet of yellow mums for me. MORE MUMS!! Yay!

Did you ever have a homecoming mum corsage for your school's homecoming game? Please tell me you did. They are huge mums with big ribbons and plastic footballs attached to them....ringing any bells?

I love these flowers and they remind me so much of homecoming mums and make me happy about fall.David has never seen a homecoming mum in his entire life.  We are going to his school's homecoming game tonight. I will refrain from wearing a mum.

With the flowers and all, I have a feeling Dave may ask me to be his date to the homecoming dance. I don't want to get my hopes up, though.

Now, here's the real reason I am telling you all of this. (I'm sure you've been wondering.) While we were in the fun store in Fitzgerald, I saw a giant, metal, red, chippy, PERFECT, letter "A" leaning in the corner. It's must be from some big sign. It's about 4 feet tall and a deep neutral shade of red. The price was so right. It spoke to me. It said take me home. You need me.

I knew I would need to consult David on any oversized letter purchases. He said he thought it was a little weird. He said that if it were a "D" or even an "M" that it would be cool, but because we don't have any connection to the letter "A," per se, that he thought it might be strange.

I gotta tell you, I feel very connected to this letter "A."

"A" is for Awesome.

David gave his blessing on the letter purchase if I really really wanted it. He said "You can get the letter, but remember I'm going to decorate our next house by myself." That's always his threat. I'm not worried though, because I'm going to live here forever. They'll have to pry my cold dead fingers off the banister.

Anyway, now that I have the ol' go ahead to get my giant chippy letter, I've gotten a little gun shy. Is it too weird? Would you be confused? Do you think it's silly to have a big letter in your house that is not part of your monogram? Or do you think it is symbolic and meaningful...like "A" represents the beginning or something? Or do you think it is quirky and cool and it doesn't have to mean anything to be neato? I think that is currently where I am camped out.

I wish I had a picture for you, but I did not have that much foresight. I am a person of very little foresight, I'll be honest.

Here are a few inspiration pictures of typography used in decorating that show sort-of what I'm thinking:

The "A" would be a stand alone piece. FYI. It's real big people.

I need your input. I have my Mama at the ready to go get the giant "A" for me. She is waiting on the word and I am waiting on your word. Pleeeease tell me what would you do?

If you are in Fitzgerald reading this, keep your hands off that letter!!!


  1. DO IT!!!! YOU HAVE TO!!!!

  2. Haha, this is Amy Ingham, I didn't even know I had a profile! but you totally have to get the letter!

  3. I say go for the letter "A". I'm partial to "A's" myslef. ;)

    Found your blog through Caroline Royal! She thought I would enjoy your blog and she was right.

  4. Hmm...how good of a deal is this letter A? I say "patiently wait" for a D that you love just as much.

    But then again, what do I know about decorating...I'm only on chapter 28 of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and haven't reached the "home & gardening" section yet :)

  5. AC, I love you!

    The "A" is a steal! Trust me, and the problem that we have found with "D" is that it won't stand up straight. I have a small metal "D" and it's always falling down.

    Maybe I could change our last name to ARK? hmmm

  6. A stands for Anna, which is what I'm sure you're planning on naming your first-born...so I would totally go for it!

  7. Okay - I do not know where it is, but I had a HUGE D and a huge E in Eddy and David's rooms. I will look for those, or maybe David has his D in one of the famous boxes? You know if you get the A, you have a very close family member in Port Charlotte who just may steal it - just saying.

  8. Go for it! Why not? You only live once. There are lots of great words that start with the letter "A"... Awesome. Amazing. Absolutely. Abacus. Aspire. Adore. Adorable. Adventure. Anchor. Appreciate. Await. Affordable. Attraction. Abstract. Absorb. Aardvark. Above. See? Many reasons to go with the "A". If people ask why the "A", just tell them because it was, "Absolutely adorable and affordable!"

  9. Do it! Do it! Post pictures after do you do something fabulous with it!!

  10. AC. You're not reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I'm so proud :)

    Mel. You have an Americana wall in your dining room. A is for "Americana." Buy it. Can't believe you've waited this long :)

  11. A is in David, Melissa, and Dark

    so I hope you bought it. I am a bit behind in reading the blog...


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