The Country Living Fair

Hi Friends. Long time no see.

We are having a busy week here on the home front...but it's all good busy, not bad busy. There's a big difference, ya know?

I wanted to tell you about what we did this weekend. It was awesome. First, we spent Saturday morning at the State Cross Country Meet [read: last time I have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning]. The kids did great. We didn't come home with any trophies this time, but all of the runners improved their race times from the beginning of the season by several minutes. That's a big deal in middle school cross country. It was a great season, but I'm glad my husband will be coming home from work earlier now that he doesn't have practice everyday.

Saturday night we went to a pumpkin carving party and then my parents spent the night at our house. They were in the neighborhood. Kind of. They drove to Helen and decided it was lame, so they came back here to see us.

Sunday was a beautiful day, so we got in Daddy's truck (he got a new flashy ride) and went for a drive.

We drove to Stone Mountain Park in North Georgia. It is the Mount Rushmore of the South.

The park is beautiful and the leaves are just beginning to change. But that's not why we went. No, sir. We went for this:

Yepppers. We went to the Country Living Fair.  Tag line: "The pages of Country Living Magazine come to life!"  And that's about what it was. It was primarily a craft fair...a really good craft fair. There were tons of vendors and most of them had been featured in Country Living Magazine. I didn't take pictures of any of the booths because I thought that might be weird and people would think I was trying to steal their ideas or something, but there were plenty of other beautiful things to look at.

Quilts hanging from the trees...

 Huge, lovely Mums...

Dog topiaries...

Fall decorations...

and a great pumpkin patch.

It was all very inspirational. In addition to the amazing vendors and eye candy, there were also speakers and classes that you could attend on decorating, crafting, cooking, etc.

I got to go to a session with Modern June, who has a fantastic and hugely successful Etsy store. It was fun hear how she started her business and how she comes up with ideas. She's kind of famous, I think. I started to ask to have my picture made with her, but then I thought that might be too weird. I really tried hard to avoid being weird at this thing.

I did make one purchase at the craft fair.

It's a sugar mold. It holds candles or flowers. You can't tell from this picture, but it is super long. Probably about 3 feet.  It's the perfect center piece for my dining table, which is really long and my legs. Just kidding.

It's not on my dining table right now because of my fall pumpkins which I will show you another day.

I had so much fun with my parents at the Country Living Fair. I think Mama really enjoyed it and I could tell how much Daddy liked walking around carrying my sugar mold for me. I could see the joy in his eyes. That man loves a craft fair. 

Again, just kidding.

David went to Stone Mountain with us, but instead of going into the fair and having fun, he went on a 21 mile run. He makes poor choices.

Mama bought him a bag of Kettle Corn.

Don't you wish you had gone to the fair?


  1. Bummer, I wish I had known about the country living fair at stone mtn. I just saw someone else blog about it last week but it was in another state. I didn't even think to look and see if they were coming to GA.

    Looks like so much fun!

  2. I didn't make it to the fair, but would have liked to. Hubby and I were married there, on the lawn, in front of the carving. Great memories!

  3. love ur pics... what kind of camera do you have??

  4. The Country Living Fair sounds awesome! Your pictures are beautiful. I got to visit Stone Mountain when we went to the Olympics in Atlanta in '96... it really is pretty impressive.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! You have brought me to tears, I am so not kinda famous! I would have been totally honored to take a picture with you any day of the week! Thanks for tweeting so I could see the nice things you said about little ol' me! You've made my day, no wait my week, oh heck you've made my entire month!!!


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