Birthday by the Numbers

This guy turned 31 yesterday. I have known him since he was 21.

I made him "31" shaped pancakes for breakfast. He only ate 4 pancakes...not 31. Please don't be confused.

(By the way, this is what Dave-O wears everyday to school...a blazer and a bow tie. How cute is he?)

Two 12 year old students put approximately14 birthday signs on our front porch.



And more here.

I was at home while they did this and I thought I was about to be robbed because of all the sneaky noises. I nearly had 1 heart attack and hid under 2 blankets. It took me 4 hours to fully recover. 

Our 5 year old neighbor also left us this leaf art on the porch. Yes, we have a very high traffic porch.

In 16 days, these 2 thirty-one year old legs are going to run 26.2 miles.

Happy Birthday, Dave. 143.
4 reals.

We are
2 people


  1. I love the beeper lingo - 143 to you!

    Happy Birthday to the Dave-o!

    Hope you have a restful, non-double-booked day tomorrow! :)

  2. LOVE the bow ties! Hubby bought his first one a few months ago and wore it to work once.

  3. When David was a little boy in kindergarten, he always wanted to wear a tie to school. People used to call him Michael J. Fox! Who knew? 31 years of being so proud to call him son!


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