Halloween Supper Club

Hi Friends.

Happy Halloween or Happy Reformation Day, depending on which camp you fall in.

Our town sent children out Trick-or-Treating and celebrated Halloween yesterday rather than today. Does your town do that...have Halloween on Saturday instead, if it falls on a Sunday? Is that a Southern thing?

Who knows?

We are having several fall get-togethers at our house and this is my "last through the season" fall decoration. It's corn vase filler and I'm putting it in ever clear vessel I have in the house. It's actually deer bait feed and is very inexpensive. If you know/are a hunter then you may have some on hand or you can pick some up at the hardware store. This was my Mama's idea and I think it's a pretty good one!

We live in a pretty heavily Trick-or-Treated neighborhood, so we invited some friends over to have supper and hand out candy.

I have a group of friends from college that mostly live in Macon and we decided to start a supper club, because we never see each other even though we live very close. Everybody gets so busy with their own schedules and "have-to's" that we don't have time to get together, so we marked out a time each month to be together. Scheduled fun, if you will.

This was our first official meeting.

We had Sue Anne's Chili, delicious Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread (I love you, Barefoot Contessa!), and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake. We also ate our fair share of spinach dip and Halloween candy.

One day I may give you the recipe for Chocolate Chip Pound Cake and then you will never make another cake again. I promise.

Let me show you the illustrious members of Supper Club.

Meet Tiffany and Chris. They are getting married in 14 days. Isn't that exciting? Tiffy was my roommate for 3 years in college and the maid of honor in our wedding. She has advised me in many a clothing dilemma. She can tell you every movie or commercial that any actor has been in. It's quite a talent. She is the also the person who took me on my first trip to Ikea and, for that, I am forever in her debt.

This is Kysten and Brad. Kysten and Tiffany are sisters (like you couldn't tell). Kyrsten is not really that much shorter than Brad, FYI. They are just standing on my front steps. They live just around the corner in a house that they are DIY-ing and they have the world's cutest puppy, named Seattle. Kyr and I like to talk paint chips together.

This is Ashley and Alan. Ashley and I were roommates for 2 years and she was my big sister in our sorority. Allen builds houses and he built the house that they live in now. Ashley is super good at couponing and finding deals, and she makes really yummy pizza dip.

Sidenote: Ashley and I will be the moms with our kids dressed as angels and Moses one day going to the church fall festival because our husbands are both anti-Halloween.

Ash, I'll help you make angel wings if you'll help me make fake beards. Deal?

And this is Jessica and Ryan. They actually live in Atlanta and came all the way down just for Supper Club. We are so glad that they did. Jessica and I were roommates for a year, I think? Maybe just a semester? I used to leave Jessica notes on her door at night that said "Please wake me up in the morning at 7:00. Do whatever it takes."

It really does take drastic measures to get me up in the morning. I can't help it. I'm not my best self when I'm sleepy. I used to hide under the covers and tell her that I was already awake and that I had even been to the gym. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I still do that to David.

Thanks, Jessica for waking me up and  doing it so nicely even when I lied to you or was mean. I'm sorry. I'm glad we're still friends.

It's great to be able to spend time with good friends. Some things are important enough to be scheduled. Friendships are one of them.

Do you have a Supper Club? How do you make time to see the people you like the most?

Happy Halloween!

PS: Some kids switched all the neighborhood pumpkins. If you are looking for a white plastic pumpkin, it is on my porch. If you find my orange real pumpkin, I would like to have it back.

If you want your white pumpkin in one piece, I would suggest you come quick...Jack thinks it's a ball.


  1. Sounds like it was fun! I didn't know you joined Phi Mu...guess that is what happens when you (I) transfer schools.

  2. Chris's feelings were hurt that you didn't mention more about the husbands (him). We had a great time! Thanks for inviting us!


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