Field Trip

Yesterday, I went on a Field Trip with David's school. We went to Atlanta to see the "Bodies Exhibit". Have you heard about "Bodies"? It's been traveling in America for several years. It was in New York first, for a long time, and it's a really big deal. Basically, it's an exhibit of real bodies that have been preserved and dissected to create a teaching exhibit that shows all the parts of the body and how they work.


I've mentioned many times before about wanting to see the exhibit, so when David found out about the trip, he signed me up to be a chaperon. Hey-Oh! Free trip!

I'm not really sure why I wanted to see this. Bodies gross me out. Live bodies, dead bodies, skin, organs....yuck-ola.

I think I was just intrigued with the idea. These were real folks...that died...and now they are in an exhibit. Isn't that weird? Hello? (tap, tap) Is this thing on?

It was really neat and I'm glad that I saw it, but now I'm actually trying to forget it, because it weirded me out so much. Cool, but weird. Informative and educational, but yucky and strange.

Moving on...

The "Bodies" exhibit was shown in conjunction with another traveling educational exhibit called "Dialog in the Dark," which is essentially a simulation of the day in the life of a blind person.

The whole exhibit was in total light, whatsoever. It's a little scary. You were given a cane and were lead through the exhibit by a blind person. In the dark, we had to cross over a bridge and walk through a park, go to a grocery store and identify objects, get onto a boat, cross the street, etc. We spent about an hour walking through everyday activities the way a blind person experiences them. It was very enlightening (I want to say eye-opening here, but it just doesn't seem right.) It was incredibly scary to not be able to see, and I'm clumsy already so I was really worried that I was going to injure myself. We learned so much about the way blind people adapt to doing things and surviving in a world that relies so heavily on sight.

I would highly recommend going to experience "Bodies" and "Dialog in the Dark" if you are near the Atlanta Area. Both exhibits are at Atlantic Station.

I love Atlantic many fun things to do

We ate at California Pizza Kitchen. I love BBQ chicken pizza. It is the B.E. - S.T.! Better than all of the R.E. -S.T.!

It pained me to be so close to IKEA and not be able to go in. I did get to go into H&M for the first time. Holy Awesome Cheap Clothes, Batman! It was amazing! I was so excited about trying on some clothes, but David lured me out of the store by offering to buy me ice cream.

Well played, Dave Dark...well played.

Next time I go, I intend to buy as many tunics as I can fit in my shopping bag.

You won't fool me again, Dark.


  1. I felt the same way about the Bodies Exhibit - it gave me heeby jeebies, especially the baby part! I got ketchup all over my pants before Dialog in the Dark and John said he could smell me wherever we went! I was scared when we were getting on the boat! Would L.O.V.E. to see the video footage of people in there. Great post!!

  2. I saw the Bodies Exhibit with my sister when we were in Vegas, i was totally creeped out, she was totally loving it. I also got to go to H&M while in Vegas- if there were one nearby, i would be there all the time!!!


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