Sewing Class and The Inner Workings of My Brain

Sewing 101 is going great. I have a class of 5 chicas who are learning to sew. It is SEW fun! Do you get it? Good, right? Several friends sewed their first seams. I'm very proud of them and excited about our upcoming lessons and projects.

Look at them working hard. We had to pull out the Cheez-Its for sustenance. Sewing ain't easy.

If you are interested in group or private sewing lessons, contact me at It will be fun. There will probably be Cheez-Its.

Also, don't forget about the Felt Christmas Stocking Workshop on November 30th. There are just a few spots still available, so let me know ASAP if you want to be a part of the fun or if you want to purchase Christmas Stockings. Email me at to sign up or for more information.

In other news, last night David and I went out to eat. We rode in my car and David drove. We went to the restaurant, drove to Barnes and Noble... we spent a while in the car going here and there.

Every time David cranked up the car to drive us to our next destination he would say "Man, this is a long song."  I had my Norah Jones CD in and the song "Sunrise" was playing.

After getting in and out of the car several times, the song was still playing.

Exasperated by Norah, he finally yelled "This has got to be on repeat or something!"

It was, in fact, on repeat.

Here's the sad part. The Lord only knows how long that song has been on repeat in my car. It could have been weeks.

I would have never noticed, had David not gotten in my car. I was even singing little bits and pieces of the song every time the chorus played through...obliviously crooning right along with my girl, Nora.

I never change the radio station. I never change the cd's that are in my player. That cd has been in the disc changer since I got the car. SINCE. I .GOT. THE. CAR, people.

David can potentially change the radio station 15 times during a 2 minute car trip.
I can, obviously, listen to a song on repeat for 15 days.

This is why we are married. We need each other.


  1. Sounds like fun (the sewing classes)! Wish I lived close enough to attend them. Thinking about bringing my mom's sewing machine back from GA this week, but not sure where I'd put it and it I can get replacement parts (its from the 80s I believe).

  2. I finished all 10 napkins tonight! Excited about the next project!


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