My Favorite Artist: Steve Penley

I have a favorite artist. His name is Steve Penley.
He's an abstract expressionist.

I saw a few of his paintings while I was in college and thought his style was really unique and appealing.
Then I started spotting his paintings in different places over the years. It's easy to identify a Penley. His bold vibrant paintings are very distinctive. Well, that, and he writes his name real big on his paintings.

Steve Penley is most famous for his paintings of American icons and heroes, which probably contributes to my being drawn to his work. We all know how I feel about America, Hope, can add heroes to that, too.

Homeboy is famous world wide.
Last year I found out he was from Georgia, when I saw some of his paintings at The World of Coke in Atlanta.
Then I found out he was from Macon! That's where I live!
Then I found out that he is an alumni of the school that David teaches at!
We're basically best friends.

On Monday, I got to meet my favorite artist, Steve Penley. He came to David's school for a special presentation and to speak to the student body.

I was all over it.

I went to the school Monday morning to hear him speak. I brought one of my Steve Penley books and a Sharpie. My plan was to approach him after his presentation, tell him how cool I think he is, and then to ask him to sign my book.

And that is what I did. I met my favorite artist. He signed my book and drew this cool flower picture while we talked. Love it.

He also gave us a print of one of his paintings that he graciously signed. I'm really excited about the print because he doesn't often offer prints and because when he does, they cost 100 dollars. My boy, Penley, hooked us up! More on the print later...

You should check out his website here to see more of his work and to read his Artist Statement, which I think is really cool.

How many people get to meet their favorite artist? Very cool day.
Many thanks to Mr. Penley for sharing his talent and his time with Dave's students and with me.

Who's your favorite artist?


  1. That is soooo cool!! I have seen his work before, but didn't realize that he was from MY state!! My daughter is an art student at Columbus State University. I'll have to share your post with her. I wonder if she knows that he is from Georgia? :)

  2. How fun Melissa! Can't wait to see which print you got. Is it going in your dining room on your art wall? :)

  3. Also, the Coke thing practically makes you related.

  4. Love his stuff! Very cool that you actually got to meet him AND get a signed print. Woot!

    I don't really have a favorite artist. I've seen lots of things by different artists that I like a LOT... and my style is all over the place. I do have a special affinity for water color though.

    Now I'm going to go check out his website.

  5. You should check out his work in PDR in the UC at Mercer!! So excited for you!!

    P.S. Saw Lee Ann's pillow from sewing class proud!!

  6. Hi Melissa! I am Steve's sister and I can tell you he had a blast visiting our alma mater First Presbyterian Day School. Thanks so much for the great blog!

    Teresa Penley Sheppard (FPD - Class of 82)


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