Bears Basketball

We had an exciting weekend.
Well, exciting for us. We don't get out much anymore.

We went to the movies and saw True Grit...Amazing! Love. I'll admit that I was apprehensive of the John Wayne remake. I love The Duke and I wasn't sure that this new one would be as good.
But it was really good. Jeff Bridges, I tip my hat to you.

I also got to get popcorn at the movies. Nice.

We went out to eat Mexican food with some of our peeps, who Mexican Food Specialists. They requested a specific waiter at the restaurant AND they asked for a cup of salsa for each person at the table.

You could double dip your taco-lovin' heart out.
Mad props to you guys.
You know who you are.

This weekend, we also went to watch some basketball at our Alma Mater. The Davester and I both went to Mercer, here in Macon.  Though our student section days are long gone, we often get free tickets to the basketball games from David's school. Job perk.

This weekend we ended up with 4 extra tickets, so we asked some of our distinguished Alumni friends to join us.

Now, here's the best part...our seats were on the floor!! Whoop! Whoop! Where the action is. At first, I was adamantly opposed to sitting on the floor where everyone in the stadium could see me and where I would run a very high risk of being slammed in the face with a basketball. The rest of the Distinguished Alumni thought it was cool, though, so they dragged me along with them.

I felt like Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game...


The game was great, even though Mercer lost. David and I have really gotten into Mercer Basketball, this year. Basketball is a bigger deal at the school now than it was when we were there. They have a new fancy stadium and a great new coach.

You can see Coach Hoffman is the background (above) in all black. He's like the Bobby Cox of the basketball world. He's out there, fighting for the team and getting them pumped up. If that means he gets ejected from the game every now and then, be it! We are friends with their family and they are the sweetest people. Coach Hoffman is a great asset to the Mercer community. If you went to Mercer and haven't been to a game in a few years, you should really check it out. He's revolutionized the Mercer Basketball experience. Seriously.

Now, back to my floor seats. Here's how close we were to the action:

This is not a zoom lens.
Number 21 and I could have been holding hands when I took this picture.
In fact, I think some of his sweat dripped onto my metallic ballet flats.
Number 21, those are my favorite shoes...
I'll let it slide.
'Cause you have mad ballin' skillz.

At one point in the game, a basketball DID nearly hit me in the face. I had to dodge it.
My fears were rational.

At another point in the game, a member of the opposing team was getting ready to "check the ball" and had to ask me move my metallic ballet flats, so that he could stand uncomfortably close to me.

I pretended to pinch his booty for the Student Section to see.
They cheered.
I probably could have gotten ejected from the game for that.
I'm not proud of what I did, but when there's a booty in your face and you have an audience, well...a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do.

Doesn't Dave look nice? He always looks so dapper.
Dapper Dave.
Please notice the weird claw I am making with my hand. Why, Mel? Why?

We had so much fun at the basketball game...they're always super exciting.
We had a great time catching up with friends that we love.
I got to eat popcorn, the basketball game and at the movies.
We went out to eat, twice...Mexican, Dave's favorite, and Pasta, my favorite.
We went to see a kick-butt western movie.
We slept late.
We went to a really good church service.
And I conquered my fear of the basketball floor seats.

Go Bears,


  1. Mel, you are HILARIOUS! I love reading your blog & lol every time!

  2. I love this!! I would have gone for the pinch, too!

  3. You are the most adorable person I will ever know!! Thank you for your amazing blog and the smile it always brings to my face.

  4. I love the blazer Dave is sporting! Nice job Marlissa for picking out that one!


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