Stainless Steel? Yes, Please!

When David and I got married, four and a half years ago, we registered for lovely Non-Stick Calphalon Cookware. During our engagement, I would receive a piece here and there, and I remember opening each one carefully and being so excited about getting to cook with brand new pots and pans.

I really didn't cook much before we got married, so the non-stick pots proved to be perfect for me. I burned A LOT of food, my friends...a lot of food. I loved my Calphalon. It kept me from ruining a many of meals and in turn, I treated it with the utmost care. I used the special rubber utensils. I didn't put it in the dishwasher. I never used an abrasive sponge on its sensitive surfaces. I treated it the way a pot would want to be treated.

But then, four years later, my Calphalon turned on me.
The Teflon started coming off my pots...
And into my food...
I was eating Teflon flakes.
And feeding my husband Teflon flakes.

And now, we've both started having these weird eye spasms.
Do you think that's related?

Not cool.

So for Christmas, I asked for new cookware and look what my parents gave me!

This is my new gorgeous shiny stainless steel cookware. It's Cuisinart's Contour Stainless Steel line.
I love it!

"Contour" because it's all curvy.
All the pots have bulbous bottoms... just like me.
We're kindred spirits.

I'm so excited about cooking with stainless steel.
I feel like a foodie.
(I'm sure that will pass when I use them to cook Hamburger Helper.)

And as if this cookware set wasn't enough, David gave me the crowning jewel to my stainless collection... 5 quart saute [read: frying] pan. It's as heavy as lead and is DOUBLE the size of my former Teflon-tainted pan. 

My man gave me a frying pan.
I couldn't be happier.

Later gators.


  1. MEL! Stop it! I am saving up for stainless bc of the sad saga of my calphalon as well! I never know where to start on these things. way too many options. I wish someone would just say, hey, aim, these are the pans for you. stop over thinking everything :) love the shiny new pots! happy cooking!

  2. Mel (or... shall we say Mrs. Dark), have to definitely approve of a few things on your blog: ahem. First, Disney. Yes, just yes. Second, Disney... at Christmas. Sheer magic compiled on top of more magic. Way to pick your holiday destination there. Third, Teflon-free cookware. You see, since my senior year of high school, I have become extremely fond of that little gimmick you might have come across know as "organic" or sometimes "natural." Your new gleaming pots fall into that category so I approve overwhelmingly. I am trying myself to convert slowly to cookware that won't make my eye spasm (a symptom that, though I haven't yet been subject to, I fear.) I have recently been enjoying the blog. It's like 5th period every day whenever I want it. :)

  3. Yay for you!! They are beautiful! I am aspiring to some new pots, too...we have a beautiful pot rack in the center of our kitchen (also overhead lighting) and my pots are too shameful to hang. what a wonderful gift!!! happy cooking:)

  4. I'm saving up one day for my copper pots. So pricey. So beautiful. One day.

  5. Hi, I was just wondering how your cuisinart cookware held up after about a year. I wanted to get these, but I've been reading reviews about how hard it is to clean these! Would you recommend these? And what a nice blog!

  6. “So for Christmas, I asked for new cookware and look what my parents gave me!”--- Stainless steel cookware! Great! Last year, I gave my mom a cookware set for her birthday. As what I expected, she was very happy with it! :D


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