Dining Room Sources and Info

When I recently posted some pictures of our dining room, I received a lot of questions about sources, paint colors, etc, so I decided to address them here rather than in the comments in case anyone else was interested.

If you're not it's ok.
I'm just trying to be informative.
It's my goal in life.

So here it is...More information that you ever wanted about our dining room.

The dining table is from Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta, GA. I can't remember the vendor's name, but I will find them next time I'm there. They had some amazing deals on big pieces of furniture.

The table and the bench came together.
The chairs came from Sunday School rooms in the church I work at.
I didn't steal them.
I don't steal from churches.
They were trying to get rid of them and I told them I could help them out.
I'm generous like that.

You already know about the "Big A"

The frames on the wall came from Ikea, Micheal's, and Wal-Mart.
Where pictures for these frames will come from is yet to be determined.

My dimmer light switch is from 1978.

I explained how I made my pennant light and where I got my materials in my original dining room post, if you want to go back and check it out.

The upholstered chairs were Nana's and were headed to the dumpster. I saved their lives.
The slipcover fabric is duck cloth from Wal-Mart and I desperately hope that they are still selling it by the time I get around to finishing the other slipcover.

The paint color is "Shaker Beige" by Benjamin Moore.
The trim in every part of the house is "Bright White", also by Benjamin Moore.
I am fiercely loyal to Benjamin Moore...one day I'll tell you all about it.

Several people have asked about our floors, and I'm sorry to say that I don't really know much about them. They are heart of pine and they are very old. I have no idea what type of finish is on them or anything like that. They came with the house and we accept them with their scratches and paint splotches. We are refinishing all the hardwoods upstairs, but we left well-enough alone down here.

Ok, friends that's it.
Please always feel free to ask where something in a post came from...I love to talk sources.
Believe me, if I were at your house, I'd be asking you to spill the beans about your stuff.



  1. I don't know why, but I giggled when I read "My dimmer light switch is from 1978."

  2. You have this architect-in-training's approval on the redesign. The dining room looks pretty darn awesome. The Big "A" is BY FAR my favorite part. By far. One, because it has the perfect patina, it is probably welded poorly, it might be crooked, and it has a great story. Two, because you taught me about the Scarlet Letter, and you now have a HUGE, RED capital A in your house. Glad to hear that the manner in which you acquired it is different from the book though. :)

  3. Thanks so much Melissa...later is always better than never ;-) I sure hope that house has an alarm system or at least a big ferocious dog cause I am half tempted to break and enter for that table! mercy it is so imperfectly perfect. :-)

    And I hope you enjoy your wassail. It is delish.

  4. Could you tell me how long and wide this table is? I'm considering a custom farmtable and trying to get the right size. I like the look of this and want to see if it would work in my room.

  5. Very pretty! The wood trim in our house is not painted, it is stained.

    I drool over painted wood.

    My husband doesn't.

    The. End.

  6. I love Shaker Beige and Painted the entire house we were in previously that very color. We bought so much that we had a big 5 gallon drum leftover which we passed to my parents and they painted THEIR entire house the same color!

    Your home looks great!

  7. Loved this post! And what a gorgeous room full of history. *Sighing in envy* :)

  8. Love that table... I'm looking for something like that... the room looks great, warm and welcoming. I love it. ~ kim

  9. I clicked over from The Nester's paint linky party from a few months ago. I'm hoping to paint our living/dining room Shaker Beige this summer. Love it. And My name is Melissa & I'm married to my best friend David. :)

    I love that table and bench. There's definitely an advantage to working at a church that's been around for a while! My husband and I used to be on staff at one, and the pastor gave us a huge old library card catalog after my hubby asked how much he would sell it for. Can you believe it?

  10. Hi! I found your blog while doing a search of rooms painted in shaker beige. I am thinking about painting a large part of my house shaker beige, and was wondering if you are still happy with your color and what you think of it. I only use benjamin moore paint and love how it goes on.
    Thanks!!! Jodi

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