Valentine's Day: 14 on the 14th

Dear Dr. Darkness,
Today is for heart shaped sausages and pink pancakes and love letters. Check, check, check. Here are 14 reasons that I am happy to be a part of Team Dark. I will keep the other 946 in my hat for future Valentine's days.

1. You make up songs about me each day and sing them at the top of your lungs around our house. Sometimes you invite me to hit the harmonies with you.

2. There are no words to describe the cuteness of your daily bow ties, blazers, and Harry Potter spectacles. Few people could rock that look like you do.

3. Sometimes you call me during the day to ask if Jack and Lady have finished their chores. I always say no and then you ask to speak to them and tell them they are in big trouble when you get home if they don't help me around the house. I hope our real kids will not be as bad as our dogs...I have a strange feeling that they will be, though.

4. You are a bathroom cleaning super hero. Your help with all of our household chores blesses me immeasurably.

5. No one pushes a grocery buggy like you, my sweet Kroger compadre. Thank you for always going to the groc with me. I especially like your dancing in the aisles when no one is looking and the way you ride the buggy like a scooter when we go back to the car.

6. Thank you for making me take my vitamins and making sure I'm healthy. Now also seems like a good time to apologize for all the times that I hide them in house plants. Sorry. Like so many things that are good for you, they are hard to swallow. Thanks for daily laying them out though, for realzies.

7. I love that we have our own mini flash raves at our house. Here's to keeping Club 286 pumpin round the clock. Music was made for dancing.

8. Your cooking skills are astounding. You are always going rogue in the kitchen, like Jack Bauer. No recipes for you...just cooking from the heart. You can cook me that chicken and yellow rice from your heart any time you want. I'll be the girl with her nose in a cookbook.

9. Thank you for making the coffee every morning. And for making the doughnuts every day...figuratively, of course.

10. You are such a hard worker and I'm super proud of what you do everyday. Teaching kids ain't easy, yo.

11. I think you are cute. Do you want to go to Prom?

12. I like going on walks and playing outside with you. Our 3 mile-er yesterday was the perfect cure for my case of the winter yuckies. (fresh air + good talks = happy mel ) Jack and I apologize for our lack of motivation toward the end of mile three. We are easily distracted. I am grateful for your laser-like focus on accomplishing a task.

13. You let me put my cold feet on you so that I might benefit from your always skyrocketing body temperature. You bring me more blankies just when I think I might freeze to death. Thank you for your concern.

14. You come up with the best adventures. So glad that I get to be your wing man.

You are the best.
Happy Valen-times.
melly vanelly


  1. This is incredible. The blog is sweet. However, the pics make everything better and significantly more meaningful! Who took the last pic? Thanks for rocking that pose at my rehearsal! lol

  2. This post reflects much, much more than I deserve. It makes it seem like I am a great and wonderful person and husband, but I am not. I couldn't be the person I am or do what I do without you, Melissa. Colin always said that I was marrying up and that is more than true. I love you.

    PS: I am still full from the pink pancakes and the heart-shaped sausages and that was 6 hours ago!

  3. I love you guys. You are both such wonderful people!

  4. My cup runneth over......

    Marrying up.....what?

  5. Thanks, guys. Love you, Dave-o.

    Sha- Amy took the last picture and I love it.

    Ash- You took the running pic...aren't you proud! It's awesome! and we love YOU guys!

    E.L.- Come eat with us again!!

  6. Awwww, I enjoyed this peek into your love-filled marriage so very much. My husband is also named David and he is wonderful (and humble) just like your David. Thanks for sharing this sweet and heartfelt testament of your love.

  7. These pictures and comments are adorable! I hope you be as happily married as you are someday...the last photo cracks me up! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. So funny... my husband makes me take vitamins too. I have been known to hide them... throw them away, and drop them into the bottomless abyss of my purse. That was a cute post.


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