Wednesday Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was full to the brim with fun and excitement, even in addition to the assumed awesome Super Bowl party with snacks abounding and Black Eyed Peas entering from the ceiling. 

I realize it is Wednesday and the weekend is nothing more than a distant memory to most of us at this point, but that's not going to stop me from telling you about it. It's worth talking about, for goodness was that good. So here's the play by play (football pun. word.):

First, we went to the movies and saw The King's Speech. It was fantastic. Hearty fist pumps to Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush for an amazing performance. It is a lovely movie in every way. Even the musical score...totally download worthy.

"A rousing story of redemption and a visual delight..." say Ebert and Dark

Check it out.

The movie, which included popcorn and a coke (heyoh), was immediately followed by Chinese Food.
Best. Friday. Night. EVER!
I'm obsessed with Chinese take-out. Dave, not so much.

The next day, we slept really really late and then my parents and Nana came to visit on Saturday afternoon. We went out to eat at this great local restaurant on the lake, called The Fish and Pig. It serves barbecue and seafood. Weird? Yes, but oh so good.

Daddy and I dominated some crab claws. Yum. Is there anything less attractive for a woman to eat than crab claws? Cracking, and pulling, and dipping until her arms are covered with seafood and she smells like a bait shack? I submit there is not.

Good thing I was with my family. I feel like you need to be in a fairly committed relationship before you order the claws at a restaurant. Rule of Thumb: Always think twice before ordering an entree that requires a hinged tool or a bib.

On Sunday afternoon we went to take the dogs for a walk and go on a little hike. For the first time in about two weeks, it was a beautiful day. We were thankful for a chance to get out of the house and into the sunshine.

We found a log that had fallen across a large gully. Daring Dave decided to walk across it, tightrope style...

His partner in crime, black dog, decided she would do it, too. She's a nimble one.

I stayed on solid ground to take pictures. My compadre, Jack, chewed on a plastic water bottle beside me.

We had to traverse some very yucky territory. All the rain has left the trails a muddy mess. My socks were all wet and gross by the time we got home, but it was worth it. We all needed a little fresh air.

We capped the weekend off by eating ice cream and watching  movies, via computer, in bed under all our blankies.

Pardon my "fall leaves" sprinkles. I don't have any "freezing nasty rain" sprinkles in my pantry.

Hooray for good weekends. Are you still recovering from what you did last weekend or are you daydreaming about what you're going to do come this Friday?

Living the dream,


  1. You're the best. Gorgeous nature pictures. There are several BBQ and Seafood places in Albany, too. It is a strange concept!

  2. Hahahah I love that Lady wanted to walk the tight rope. She used to work in the tigh wire act didn't she?

    Chinese take out- movies- ice cream- crab legs: everything you just named are all of my favs!!!! LOL sooo, did you mean to marry me instead?

  3. ok I said the above- weird. Sorry for the random letters?!

  4. I love middle GA. Love the pics.

  5. 1. I am so glad Sha fessed up that it was her secret self that wrote that other one because I was mad that someone wanted to marry you! 2. I need the first picture and the picture of Lady following David; will you make me a copy for a small fee? 3. I think everyone is ready for Spring so much! 4. I love you very much! And that is all I have to say about that!

  6. I just asked Alan if he wanted me to read him (while he's painting) your blog from last week. His response: "the weekend wrap up one?" Apparently, he's doing some stalking of his on. :)

  7. Sha- David wanted to fight the annonymous person who wanted to marry me. Now that we know it's you, I want you to come visit so we can have a weekend of chinese and seafood and movies. xoxo

    SueAnne- I will make you a print of that pic...I have several that I need to send your way. I love you, too.

    Ashley- That literally makes my day...Alan reading the blog :) I can't wait for Friday night!

  8. hahaha I finally just read your response. Dave couldn't fight me. I've beat him before. . . he ain't nothin but a big brother!

    A weekend of ice cream, crab legs, and chinese? OMG HEAVEN


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