Armanda No Poles

This is David's sister Amy. We call her "Armanda No Poles" because she skies with no poles. (You have to watch yourself around small seemingly insignificant decision could land you with a nickname for a lifetime.)

You can't tell it because of my shotty camera work, but in this picture, she's launching herself into the air off of David's mid-section.

Then, in this picture, she is sticking her finger up David's nose. Classic.

I have about 10 other pictures of her doing this very same thing. Fingers up the nose of an unassuming Dave.
Gotta love it.

And finally, here we have Doctor Dave and Armanda after being asked to smile for a picture by their mother. This is what they both did at the same time.

Brothers and sisters.
They will always be putting their fingers up each other's noses.
They will always make that face when you tell them to act like they like each other.
Even when they are grown folks.

Embrace it.


  1. sibling love. too sweet.

    are you blogging in the mountains? The kids are fine - they have been watered and fed two days so far. :)

  2. I love this. It totally resonates with me as the youngest of 4 children! Awesomeness!

  3. These two were bestest friends all growing up and they still have a deep love for each other. My cup runneth over.

  4. Best blog eeevvvverrrr I do have to say!

    Armanda No Poles


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