Cherry Blossom Festival Part II

Hi friends.
We finished up this year's Cherry Blossom Festival strong. We did all that the weather would allow. There was a little tornado action here in Middle Georgia, so some of the fun weekend plans were canceled.
Wah waaah.

Here's a peak at some of the blooms around town. These are some tulips that have opened up.

Here are some beautiful dogwood blossoms...not to be confused with cherry blossoms...of which I have no pictures. Someone really dropped the ball there...oh wait, that would be me.

Check out these cotton candy pink Geraniums. Geraniums just may be my favorite summery flower.

In addition to taking in all of the lovely local flora, we went to a few more Cherry Blossom fun-tivities. On Saturday, David ran in the Cherry Blossom Road Race. He ran the 10k and did an awesome job! Way to be fast and focused on a Saturday morning, Davester.

Look at him passing this tall guy on the home stretch!

 "Don't underestimate my man Dave, tall guy!"

In other Cherry Blossom news, we went to the craft festival downtown and saw so many interesting and exciting things. We saw beautiful art, yummy food, crafts of all shapes and sizes...

We saw people with all sorts of puppy dogs, most dressed in their pinkest Cherry Blossom garb.

We saw this guy...

'Cause if you can bring your dog, he can bring his parrot. Well played, sir.

We saw this sign...

After all of that craft fair excitement, we had to take a break. We decided to have a little mini-picnic in the park with Kettle Corn and Coke.

Cherry Blossom 2011, you treated us right! We thank you for instilling in us a sense of community and togetherness with our fellow Maconites and for giving us an excuse to tiptoe through the tulips with our kettle corn. We eagerly await your return.

Mel and Dave


  1. That strong man pic of dave is the best ever. Frame it!

  2. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Great pictures.
    Dave makes the day!


  3. Isn't that kettle corn the best? Once you start eating it, you just can't stop!!
    Great pics. I love reading your posts!! :)


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