Fancy Pants Makeover

Check out our new look!

That's right. We're all fancy and new over here at Greener Grass now. Many thanks to my design guru, Danielle Moss. She was completely patient and kind when dealing with all of my indecision, ridiculous requests, and lack of interweb-knowledge.
This new site is not only easier on the eyes, it's easier to navigate and find what you're looking for. All the old stuff is still here, but there are a few new things that I'd love for you to notice:

First: Do you see that last tab up at the top of the page? It says "Sewing School" (YAY!) In the next few days, there will be information about the classes that I offer and a schedule of when each class is available. Hooray for organization! I'll let you know when I've got it up...start dusting off your sewing machines!

Second: Way down on the bottom of the side bar, you'll see a lovely new Greener Grass blog button. If you've got a blog, and the Spirit moves you, grab the code and spread the love! No pressure, though...for realzies.

Third: Greener Grass now has a Facebook page for updates about Sewing School, getting connected with you awesome folks, and probably for some stray pictures of Paper Dave that I have lingering on my camera. You don't want to miss that, do you? If you have a minute, go "like" Greener Grass on Facebook. It'll make all of your wildest dreams come true.

Now I feel like an official social network pusher.
...And kinda nerdy.
If the shoe fits, right?

I do hope you like the new design! We are really happy. Jumping for joy...thus the picture.

Check you on the flip side.


  1. this is awesome Mel! Love it and you!

  2. Love your new look!

  3. I love your new look! Cute button too. I will have to grab that button!


  4. Super cute! I love it! And, I become a fan of your facebook page!


  5. Can't wait to find out more about sewing school! I have a great machine and no skills...

  6. I have been working on something like Pioneer Woman for Macon Mama, etc.

    I am so proud of your new lay out! Wow! You are razzle dazzle for sure!

    I love you!


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