SB 2011

Dear Ones,

We have just come off of Spring Break 2011, with ner-ry an airbrush t-shirt to show for it.

Yes, we get a Spring Break. David is a teacher and I'm a secretary-sewing teacher-substitute-at-large, so we can take a Spring Break. It's a luxury that we don't take for granted, but if you've ever been a teacher, you know that Spring Break is the breath of fresh air that is absolutely essential for continuing to be a gracious and loving presence in the classroom through the end of the year.


(Mel beachin' it-circa 2007)

David and I are very different people, opposite in many little ways. It stands to reason that our definitions of "vacation" don't usually line up. When the opportunity to get away arises, David suggests a new and exciting adventure and I suggest going to lay on the beach. Honestly, it had never crossed my mind to do anything else on a vacation besides going to the beach, until I married the Dave.

We have made wonderfully accommodating compromises through the years. David typically picks a Spring Break trip and then we go to the beach in the summer as many times as possible for me to lay on the sand and eat seafood.

When we go on our Spring Break adventure, David is careful to include movies, antique stores, and interesting towns for me to enjoy and when we go the beach, we try to snorkel, surf, and ride bikes to keep Dave from slitting his wrists from boredom. I really like David's adventure trips and he loves the beach, but it's nice to try and find some middle ground so we both have an awesome-super-fun-time together.

Since we've been married, our past Spring Breaks included a week long hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail and a 200+ mile bicycle ride on the Natchez Trace.

I typically find myself training for Spring Break, but this year was a little more mellow.

I'll give you a hint as to where we went. We returned to the place where this notoriously overused sidebar picture was taken:

We had a great excursion.
We are glad to be back in our own house and in our own bed.
Full report comin' at ya. ASAP.


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