Spring Break North Carolina

Many apologies for my recent absence...not that anybody's crying over it or something.

Blogger is telling me that I have exceeded my picture limit, so I have to figure that out AND Facebook won't let me post blog updates because they say that they're spam.

I have a tendency to ignore problems rather than dealing with them.
Thus, the blog absence.
But now I'm facing my problems head on.

As I mentioned the other day, we recently returned from our Spring Break trip to North Carolina. We had the opportunity to stay at a family friend's house, so we headed North to get our hike on.

Check out my hiking boots. They're legit. Davester bought them for me when we got married.

It was so beautiful in North Carolina, but it was still very very cold.

We hiked to the top of Roan Mountain  in the foggy rain.

Most of the trail was in a stream bed...lucky I was wearing my hiking boots.

David is a super fast hiker. I was far behind him most of the time, but I was singing "This Land Was Made For You and Me" very loudly the whole time so he knew I was nearby.

"From the Blue Ridge Mountains,
To the Gulf Stream Wa-aa-ters...
This land was made for you and me!"

Everybody now!
Hit the harmony, Dave!

There was a lot of snow as we got closer and closer to the top.

And here we are on top of the mountain. Check out my hiking hat. It lets people (read: hipster hikers) know I'm serious.

Because above all else...I'm serious.

We had a great time hiking and the mountain was so beautiful, despite the weather. Then to make a good day, even better we saw this little fella on the way back to our house.

I break for miniature donkeys.


  1. I've missed the blog. I was getting worried. We'll tackle what we can tomorrow. Lots of love to you and the donk.

  2. Great post. HTH has been missing it's sister blog. My blog reader has been a little empty lately. Great pics! I had a wonderful time hiking to the highest shelter on the AT with you. Walking in the clouds, among those misty, fur trees, and through the snow was almost like walking in a dream.

  3. the pics look great. And all people should break for mini donkeys! great post


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