Tour de Garden

Do you remember my teeny tiny little seeds that were started in a mini-greenhouse?

Yeah, those little guys.

Well, they grew and now they are out in the big garden. Last year, we had so much fun with our one little raised vegetable bed that this year we decided to expand to 3 beds. We needed more room for all of the plants that we wanted to grow!


In the first bed we have cucumbers growing on these little DIY trellises. I got the idea from Southern Living a few months ago-- upside down tomato cages tied with bamboo stakes. (Black dog optional.)


In that same bed, we're growing bell peppers and jalapeno peppers.
Oh, the salsa that I'm going to make with those mucho salsa.


We're also growing broccoli...


and lettuce! Yum.


In the next bed, we have two variety of tomatoes, squash, and zucchini.


Hello, little baby.


The third bed, is where things get really interesting. Here we are growing onions and potatoes.The onions are not doing so great. Of all the things in the garden, these look the worst. I hope that we will be able to eat one little lone onion from our garden, though. Cross your fingers.


And here's the reason why the onions are so sad:
Somehow we have managed to grow freakishly large potato plants.
They are huge-mungus.
They are taking over the garden.
We had  to tie them up with stakes, which is oh-so-not-normal for taters.
Take a gander at these.


To give you a point of reference, Paper Dave hopped into the garden. He's such a good sport.


Paper Dave is concerned about their growth rate.
I'm optimistic that I'll have prize winning potatoes.
I'm blue ribbon bound, baby.

All of these plants are really easy to grow, even for first time gardeners. You could even plant one tomato or squash plant in a container on your deck, if that's all the room you have. Good soil, sunshine, and lots of water is all you need for a happy, healthy plant that you'll enjoy eating from all season.

The only hard part is being patient and waiting for your tomatoes to ripen.


  1. Love it!Im so jealous of your gardening beds.(Maybe for Moms day ...)

  2. Your garden looks FANTASTIC!! We've been considering a garden, but haven't pulled the trigger. Maybe next year.

  3. Yes I do remember, you were the one who taught me how to use those little seedling boxes. Your plants look great, mine are doing well and will go in the ground this weekend.

  4. I'm composting currently - going to plant some planter boxes off our back patio area. Will blog about it lol

  5. What a great garden! I took a quick look at your blog and we seem to have similar interests. I love that!


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