Emily's Baby Shower

Do you remember my friend Emily who's having a little bitty tiny baby? Well, I got to spend a good portion of my summer with Emily and watch Betsy grow right before my eyes. Emily and I also got to put all of her bedding in the nursery! Yay! And except for a few finishing touches, it's all done and looks AMA-ZING! I can't wait for you to see it.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the adorable shower that some friends of camp hosted for Conrad and Emily back in May.

{Thanks, Sarah, for letting me use these pictures!}

First and foremost, look at this cute little mama.

The shower was at Camp Desoto and we dined al fresco, enjoying the cool mountain air.

Check out this sweet ride! It was used to corral all of the gifts for baby Betsy.

Paper bunting and twinkle light hung from all of the trees, making a cozy area for everyone to visit with the new parents.

The meal was de-li-cious thanks to the grilling team. We had dressed up hamburgers with fun and extravagant toppings and sides. Yum.

Here's the spread...such a pretty table. (Hi Carter) We had the most amazing homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert.

 It was a perfect meal and a pleasant laid-back atmosphere. Camp has a calming effect on people. Trust me. Or maybe it's the twinkle lights and bunting that make me want to take a nap in the grass. Either Way. Who knows?

I do know that it was a lovely baby shower, hosted by dear people, for sweet friends. We were glad to be there.

And I know that I can't wait to kiss little Betsy's face.


  1. Melissa! I absolutely love your blog. Love your humor, pictures, and chicken coup! :) Been following for awhile. Glad you are back to blogging from being away for the summer!

  2. hey!! it's ME :) and the best shower ever hosted for a baby by the very best friends with the absolute best guests there to join in the fun! I love remembering it...and I'm so glad to be reading your blog again after the summer!

  3. That is beautiful! What a nice party.


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