Put A Pin In It

Hi friends. It's 105 degrees outside, here in Macon, GA on this fine Friday afternoon. ONE.HUNDRED.AND.FIVE.DEGREES. Our plants are dying and our snow cones are melting...it's a sad situation.

Since it's much too hot to go outside, please let me tell those of you who are not already in-the-know about a sweet little thing called Pinterest.

**WARNING** If you have a small child that depends solely on you for their food, care, and general well-being, you might want to think twice before proceeding any further. This site can suck you deep into the vortex of the world wide web. Be sure you can exercise extreme self-discipline.

I know that many of you are already pinning away on Pinterest, but for those who are not, this is a website that basically acts as a bulletin board. You can pin anything from the Internet on to your virtual bulletin board and come back to reference or enjoy it's beauty at your leisure.

As if that wasn't wonderful enough, you can also see what your friends are pinning on their virtual bulletin boards. This is my favorite part! It's like window shopping with your friends or sitting over a cup of coffee and talking about the new dress that you want from your favorite store...via the Internet.

Anyway, I thought tonight I would share some of my pins from my boards. If you're already on Pinterest, you can check out the rest of my boards or follow me! (YAY! Window shopping together!) If you are not on Pinterest but would like to be, send me your email and I'll hook you up! (You have to be invited to join because the site is still so new)


I'm dying to have a hot chocolate bar at a Christmas Party!

::Fitzgerald Farm House::

This board is all for Mama and Daddy's house. Mama, I thought you would like these kitchen cabinets.

::I Heart This::

I don't think I have to say anything about this one. (except that I'm going to try to recreate it with David and Jack!)

::Party Time::

Who wouldn't love to go to a party with those little Vacation Bible School cookies?

::Sewing Inspiration::

A little shoesies sewing pattern...


Pretzel + Rolo + Pecan = Easy Peasy Turtle!
(Say it with me, people: Peeeee-Can)

::My Style::

Look at this cute little fall outfit I found...too bad I don't think the temperature is ever going to drop below 90 ever again. It was nice knowing you, cardigans.

::Outdoor Inspiration::

I call this "backyard heaven."


There is a lot of DIY going on over at Pinterest. Yet another reason to embrace it.

::Home Inspiration::


I even have a whole board full of chicken stuff! This coop is cu-ute!

So anyway, happy Friday night. Go check out Pinterest (it rhymes with interest, but David calls it Pine-Rest...like a retirement home.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to fry one of Flannery's eggs on the sidewalk. 


  1. I am just now reorganizing my pins for the third time. I'm not a very good pinner I guess :) Thanks for the link to yours. I just followed you.

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