All You Single Ladies

Jon Jon just got a new truck...a bright, shiny, red, truck.


I feel it's my duty to inform the single women of the world that, in addition to being a builder of chicken coops and mudroom lockers, expert fisherman, and an excellent cook,...


...that John's got himself a sweet ride.


Also, keep in mind what you'd gain in terms of a sister-in-law.


We could be best-ies.

PS: This ad is not endorsed by Jon Jon.
PSS: Please don't tell him about it.
PSSS: Email me if you want to marry him...I'll be handling the initial screening process.
PSSSS: After he washed his new truck, he washed my station wagon...he's quality ladies.

1 comment:

  1. Mel, Sooooo funny! Love it! He may like that you advertised for him...who knows what may come from it! :) would be the best sister n law! Love ya! K


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