Baby Dark

Hi friends.

Thanks for all of your kind words about our little announcement. We are super excited! (...After being super surprised, super shocked, and then super scared. Just keepin' it real.)

Baby Dark is due May 4th but is already making itself known even now via my expanding waistline.

I have so much to fill you in on from the last few months. Here are a few tidbits:

We found out that we're having a baby. Duh. Old news. But you know you want to watch the video again. Go ahead. You know you want to...

David and I celebrated our 32nd and 28th birthdays, respectively. I made David his traditional age-shaped pancakes to celebrate and on my birthday we spent the day with my family. (David also shaved his head for some sort of cross country team bet. The kids did it in the art room. Nice.)

My friend Sarah came to visit us for a few days and we had an amazing time. We went to see Wicked at the Fox together and "I have been chaaaaaaaanged for good." It was awesome.

Jack found out that we're having a baby and has starting acting out by chewing up all of our possessions that we hold most dear. Here's hoping that he'll come around to the idea.

I've have pondered how people with foreign accents can sing without any trace of said accent. Keith Urban, what gives?

David Dark has started riding his bicycle to school everyday. What could be cuter than a bow-tied commuter, I ask you!

Now, since the announcement of itty bitty Baby Dark, we've gotten a lot of questions. Here are the answers to the most common ones for you (and for me to remember all of the weirdo things that I've been doing.)

Have you been sick?
Yes, indeed. I was very sick for about 6 or 7 weeks. I felt really nauseous and tired. I almost tossed my cookies every time I brushed my teeth. I was begging David to go to bed at night and I'm usually a huge night owl. He would make me wait until it was at least 9 p.m. I'm 19 weeks now and feeling much better. Thanks for asking.

Are you going to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl?
Yeppers. We find out December 22nd.

Any weird food cravings?
Unfortunately, yes. The only things that baby wants to eat is pizza, fried chicken, and cheeseburgers. David is skeptical of the authenticity of the cravings and claims that those foods are what I would choose to eat normally, if I could have anything I wanted.

I don't care what he thinks as long as he orders my pizza.

Are there foods that you usually like that are grossing you out?
Eggs. Bleh.
Sorry, chickens. It's nothing personal.

Do you have names picked out?
No, not really. I think we'll buckle down about a name when we find out if it's a boy or a girl. I kind of feel like I may need to see the baby before I name that weird?  I think our family is troubled by our nomenclature strategies.

Any nursery plans yet?
Not really. I'm really excited to get to work on it, though. You can check out my Baby Dark Pinboard and see what ideas I've been pinning!

Hopefully, I'll be a little better about updating the blog now. For the past few months looking at the computer has made me feel si-ick. Thankfully, I think I'm over the hump now.

Thanks again for being excited with us!
Mama Mel


  1. I just love you, your hubby and your blog. You are going to be a fabulous mother! Can't wait to watch it all unfold!! Lots of love, prayers and well wishes!! xoxo

  2. Sweet Girl!...Toothpaste was the BAYNE of my existence through three pregnancies....I got THREE cavities while I was pregnant with Whit...I had never had a cavity before!!.....BUT....I wised up....Cinnamon Toothpaste worked with Miles and the Aquafresh Orange Burst worked with Monroe...just try something that isn't minty...True. Story! are precious and we are so super excited for you :)

  3. Congratulations! That's great news. I don't thinking waiting to meet the baby is weird at all. With our first baby (my son) we named him ahead of time and told everyone the name and wrote it on everything. He was born and... it was the wrong name. We had to scramble to come up with something else before they would let us leave the hospital. Heh. With our second (my daughter), we didn't bother to name her until we met her. Although, we DID have a list of names just to be prepared with some ideas, you know, so it wasn't a mad scramble of "oh my did we think of everything we'd like to try on" kind of situation. Aaaaand, we ended up naming her something that was not on any list, nor had ever been considered for any list, nor was a name I had ever even thought of before I met her. So there you go. :-)


  4. Melissa... glad that you are feeling better and back to the blog. We've missed you. Even though we have kept up with you and David through G-mama Pam (think children should be able to call their grandmother the name of their choice.. so am just calling her G-mama for now!). We share her excitement and look forward to your posts about Baby Dark, the nursery, and all the other uncanny things that come to mind for you to write about! Congrats again... take care. Sending lots of baby blessings to the parents-to-be! s~

  5. You guys are the most fun couple ever!!!!! I just love this!


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