Maiden Voyage

We recently became the proud owners of a canoe.
Because what do you need when you're having a baby?
A crib, diapers, bottles, baby monitor, and a canoe.

Just kidding. It was David's parents' Christmas gift to him.


We took it out on it's maiden voyage and found it to be a sound vessel. I wanted to crack a bottle of champagne on the stern, but was afraid that people might start getting uncomfortable if there was a pregnant woman wielding a bottle of alcohol over a plastic canoe at the river.

Because I'm pregnant and prohibited from (among other things) lifting heavy objects, this is how we get the canoe to the river right now.


Typically, one would tie the canoe to the top of their car.
I think this method is pretty classy, though.
We're like those people who have their lawnmowers in the back of their Impala.
You do what you gotta do.

When we get to the river, David unloads the canoe and we shimmy it over to the water.
Look how happy he is.


Here's the captain showing off what his water craft can do.

I think I'm the skipper.
Or maybe I'm the first mate and baby is the skipper...I don't know.

We are happy to have The Sportsman.
David is already planning a weekend long canoe camping trip for us in which I strap the baby to myself and paddle down the river.
He said, and I quote, "Sacajawea did it."

I think I'll take it as a compliment that my husband believes me to be made of the same stuff as Sacajawea.

Bon Voyage.
First Mate Mel


  1. Sorry......we stayed outside too much with David. I did that to you! He was strapped to me as I walked and boated.......sorry.

  2. oooh...Conrad, Betsy & I will come in our canoe if I can be Pocahontas! I see a fantastic trip in store for all & a great way to get B & baby Dark on the fast track to friendship & romance :)

  3. I think that would be a perfect time for baby Dark to come spend some time on the farm. Ya'll can't put enough skeeter spray on that poor kid and if he gets into poison ivy like his Dad, it will be awful!!!Lol Just looking for a good excuse to come get him and spoil him rotten. We will let little Betsy come too! I'll tell them stories about their silly parents that like to play in the creek!

  4. You go Sacajawea! It is amazing all the things you CAN do with your baby if you want to. They are such little troupers and I'm sure little boy Dark will love the outdoors just like my Allan.

  5. i think little bubba dark would do just fine ridin along with uncle big country in the bass boat.

  6. we dont like paddling

  7. Hi Melissa,

    Found your blogspot while following the crumb trail on a picture of christmas cards on kitchen cabinets that someone pinned.

    Just wanted to say hello: "Hi!"
    and I love your style of writing.



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