The Living Room

Around here we are full speed ahead on a lot of projects that have long been on the "to do" list. Baby's impending arrival has proven to be quite motivational. You know that feeling when company is coming over or you're hosting something at your house and you feel like you need to do 2 months worth of projects in 2 days?

Right, well now we've got someone coming to live with us. Permanently.
I've got to get my shiz together, people.

I thought, since I've got home remodeling on the brain, that I would show you some more before and after pictures from the house. We're working on some things upstairs, but let's take a look at the living room, shall we?

These are really old pictures (like from last fall) so somethings have changed. The color in these pictures is a little weird too, but what-cha-gonna-do, right?

You can check out the "before" pictures HERE.

Here's the full room view from the crow's nest (a little landing on our stairs from whence you can see far and wide.)


This is our front door that opens directly into the living room from the porch. If you are sleeping on the couch and someone knocks on this door it is super scary.
They can see you.
And you can see them.
There's no hiding.


This is the other side of the room. The stairs lead up to the bedrooms and are still in need of repair. The cabinet holds our television and is one of the first things that we bought when we closed on the house. It's from World Market via Atlanta's Craig's List. 

Don't be afraid to shop a nicer neighborhood's Craig's List. I'm not afraid to drive to Atlanta for cheap stuff and some people are getting rid of their furniture every time a new Pottery Barn Catalog comes out. 



Our couch and club chairs are from Ikea. We've had them for about 3 years now and have been pretty happy with them. Are they the most comfortable pieces of furniture ever? No. Does that stop us from taking a nap on the couch? No. You can make your own judgements about what that means about the couch... and us.

My Mama found the ottoman at a yard sale and I reupholstered it.

Please don't fail to notice that our fireplace cover has a family of deer on it.
I don't love it, and I don't hate it. I just think it's worth noticing.


This little area is one of my favorites in this room. The table is from Scott's and the sugar mold holding the flowers is from the Country Living Fair.  The storage cubes under the table are those ugly jokers from Target that come in horrible colors. I slipcovered these in burlap and use them to hold our DVD's and my VHS collection.

I refuse to give up my VHS copy of "You've Got Mail." It's a non-negotiable.


Another fun little nook in the room! Nana gave me this chair from her house and I love it! On the wall are a couple of vintage maps of places we went on our honeymoon that I found at an antique shop in Florida.


That's about it. Since these pictures were made, we got a coffee table. I painted it and I'm not sure if I love the color. Maybe I'll post a picture and we can all take a vote on if it needs a new hue! 

Back to work on the nursery!


  1. Don't buy any paint for that table. This crazy Mom of yours is going thru quart size samples of wall colors like a mad woman. I bought 5 last week and 8 more today. I had at least one winner last week maybe I'll have a few more. Gonna have to find something to paint with all those rejects!Lol

  2. Melissa, I love your house. All of it. The End.

  3. Gorgeous House! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can read about it all here:!


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