Life Lately

Well, we had a baby. 
Nearly 8 months ago. 
Sorry for the delay in the blog announcement. I've been a up.
Thanks so much for those of you, many of whom we do not even know in real life who have emailed and commented asking about baby. We greatly appreciate your care and support, though I have shown our gratitude poorly. 

So let's flash back to April 26 when Ford Hendley Dark made his appearance into the world:

Here's David holding his son for the first time. I'd show you a picture of me holding him, but I don't think you could handle it; Not because it's so touching and lovely, but because I look like I was hit by a bus. 

Here's Ford and David napping in the hospital. So sweet. They love taking naps together. 

I'm working on typing up the full story of Ford's birth. It's long, but it is very funny. I'm trying to make it worth your while since it's nearly 8 months late. 

Here's a better look at the little guy.

Just a tiny nugget. He weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces when he was born. 

We immediately took him on lots of adventures, trying to take advantage of David's summer break. 
We went to the beach...

to the Farmers Market...

to a Braves game...

 hiking on the Appalachian Trail...

and to the fair.

It was a great summer and we're finding that parenthood suites us. It's definitely hard and it's taken us a while to adjust-- in fact we are still adjusting-- but a new rhythm of life has set in and it's quite comfortable. 

Most of the time.
But even on bad days, you never know what cute thing Fordycakes might do that makes it all worth it.

::Ford laughing at Daddy, 4 months old::

We also dressed him up like a chicken for Halloween. I don't have a smooth transition to fit this picture in, but it demands to be seen. I'm just hitting the high points here, people. 

And here he is most recently. Cute as pie.

I realize that I'm probably biased, but we think he's a pretty cool kid. Who knew a tiny tot could be so much fun?

Again, much love and gratitude for your love and support of our little family.
mama mel


  1. Oh, tis wonderful to be his Nana! I laughed again at the laughing video! It makes it all worth it for sure!

  2. Glad you are back. Great blog post from my favorite blog writer!

  3. hello- i don't know you in real life and i have never commented on this blog before. i started reading your blog many, many moons ago although i cannot remember how i found it. i love your writing and the crafts you post. i had been checking every few weeks for an update but you were (understandably) busy! congratulations on your adorable baby! i am SO glad you are back on the blog. can't wait to read more. =]

    -a reader from massachusetts

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