Christmas Highlights

Today was our first day back in the swing of things. David is back at school after his Christmas break was extended by a couple of well timed snow days. Wednesday's are also when I go to work each week for the day in a little church office, which means Fordycakes spent the day with his babysitter/adopted grandmother. We were all back at it.

Can I be honest with you? I was a little ready. I like the tiniest hint of a routine. I'm the type of person who needs motivation to put on real clothes. Left to my own devices I'd just be in my pajamas all the time.

I so throughouly enjoyed Christmas, though. Having David home and spending time with family is such a treat. Let's close out Christmas break with a little recap of Christmas highlights, shall we?

We took Ford to see Santa Clause. I had taught him all about Santa and upon seeing his likeness he would proudly yell, "Ho, ho, ho!" It is adorable. Naturally. Santa in person, however, was a different story. He didn't cry, but he did give Santa a very serious and skeptical stare down.

Christmas was much more exciting with Ford this year because he understood that things were different and special and he could participate in some of the traditional kid festivities of the season.

Look at this little baby last year during his first Christmas. 

Now direct your addition to this giant toddler. Where did my baby go? 

A seasoned Christmas veteran, he's actually a little Christmas ham. He thinks he is the funniest person around. 

This year we spent Christmas with my parents at the farm. It's a very restful place to be. We all took many many naps. Ford slept in the bed with my parents and was praised for being such a good eater each time he polished off another cookie. But whose to complain when Mommy and Daddy are getting to nap? 

As Christmas day drew closer, David and I (and everyone else, really) had a great time playing Santa. I was working on making Ford a teepee and on Christmas eve David and Jonathon and my dad all worked late into the night in the freezing cold to put together the rest of his toys. 

There was one among us, though who could not wait until Christmas morning to give little Fordy his gift. Uncle Jon Jon was so excited to give Ford his present that he gave it to him the day before. He couldn't stand to wait any longer. How sweet is that, I ask you?

But Ford did not complain because his present was AWESOME! It's a little jeep that's like a big wheel and Ford can drive it himself when he's bigger but for now it operates by remote control. 

Ford thinks that it is amazing and that he is an exceptionally skillful driver. 

All he wanted to do everyday was ride in his little jeep. Thanks Uncle Jon Jon for loving this little guy so much and for such a fun gift. 

Here are my two fellas on Christmas eve. This is just after my family's annual snack supper, which is one of David's favorite traditions and maybe now one of Ford's . He ran around all night using his charm and good looks to con people out of the food on their plates. Few can resist him. 

This is what Santa had ready for Ford on Christmas morning. I was so excited about how well his teepee turned out. I'll do a separate blog post with the details about it.

We had to wake the sleepy head up on Christmas morning. We were much more excited than he was.

But it did not take long for him to wake up and realize there were new things to play with!

He really liked opening presents this year. He couldn't quite understand why he needed to stop playing with one present to open another, though. I'm sure if we dwelled on that for long we could draw some good metaphors or life lessons from it, but let's just keep opening presents for the time being, ok? 

After opening gifts inside, there was still a present from Papa and Mema for this outside loving little boy- A big play set. 

You'll notice that Ford is dressed for success in his Christmas long all, bear hat, camo jacket, and John Deere boots. He's very fashion forward. 

One thing that is not forward is his slide technique.

It's the way all the cool kids are doing it these days. 

Besides Ford's antics, the thing that kept us most entertained during Christmas was my Dad's new cows. 

There was even a baby born on Christmas eve!

Sweet sleepy girl. Being born is rough stuff. Every time Ford saw the calves he said "Awwwwww." 

Hey, Mama.

Cow whisperers. 

Ford also says, "boo" instead of "moo." It's funny every single time. 

We had a great Christmas. We got a lot of fun stuff, but more importantly we enjoyed being together. I'm thankful for our little family. I'm thankful for the Christmas season and the freshness that Ford brings to our traditions.

As we move into the season of Epiphany, I have taken our Christmas decorations down but have also encountered a slight problem. The baby Jesus from our "Little People" nativity scene is MIA.

"You will find him wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manager…" or perhaps we will find him covered in goldfish crumbs stuffed in the couch cushions.

May we all seek and find Him this year.
Blessings to you in this new year.

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