Baby Christmas

Happy New Year, friends! I hope that the holiday season was wonderful for you and yours. Ours was great. We spent time with family, enjoyed watching Ford experience another Christmas, and spent most days in our stretchy pants. What's not to love? Ford and I will be very sad when Daddy has to go back to work on Monday and everything goes back to normal.

Just before Chrsitmas, we had a little party at our house with Ford's little play group. We have the best group of baby friends and mommies. All of the babies are first children and were born within about 5 months of each other. We have SO enjoyed spending time together. "Play group" is really just code for mommies gathering for advice, support, venting, laughing, and getting out of the house before we kill somebody.

Anyway, we decided to get everyone together for what came to be known as BABY CHRISTMAS!

We are in a new house and it was fun to decorate it for Christmas this year. Below you'll see our traditional Christmas Ukulele. And there appears to be a Christmas Sprite, as well. Someone needs to do a better job staging these pictures. 

You'll see our semi-baby friendly tree is perched high out of reach. 

I put out lots of stars because it's an object that Ford can identify. And I taught him to say "ho, ho, ho." Adorable. 

But back to the party. We had it in the morning and everyone brought yummy brunch treats and the babies wore their Christmas PJs.

My mom brought us cookies from a sweet little bakery in Fitzgerald, called Our Daily Bread. Aren't they cute?

And little gingerbread cookie favors with each of the baby's names on them.

Christmas china? Check.

Stripy straws? Check. 

Individual Milks? Check. Looks like a party to me. 

It's getting harder and harder to get a picture of these tots all together. They are much too movey and squirmy now. And they have their own ideas about what they want to do.

The nerve.

This one's pretty good, but we're missing somebody.

Oh, there she is. No pictures for Zoey, thank you very much. 

Ford decides to steal Emmaline's snack.

And then run away. 


Babies played with the Nativity set, listened to Christmas music, ate snacks, and kept us busy running from room to room.

We also made a little Christmas craft.

Painting baby feet is easiest when they are in a highchair- although they are confused and curious about what you are doing to them. 

This was our end product- footprint Christmas trees!

It's such a joy to watch these little rascals grow up together and to get to celebrate holidays in special baby ways. We may have sippy cups instead of mimosas but we are enjoying it together! 

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  1. Love it all! My friends and I did something similar but, of course, I only got a picture of the craft!! Love your sweet mama friends group. Like-minded couples are a such a blessing to have around as you parent little ones! Looking forward to reading your blog more often!


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